Clams, lots of clams.

We weren’t particularly looking for clams, but they seemed to find us. As our trailer is only ten minutes from the beach, Rosalie and I thought we would cash in on the ‘bounty of the sea’. Arr Jim lad! 

We hadn’t had much luck with fishing so far, so we waited until we had the heaviest rainstorm possible, grabbed our fricking shucking knives and umbrellas and away we went. We found the beach ok, which wasn’t that hard as it is quite big, and we started to search for the elusive oyster. As this is B.C., God’s country, we expected to see them lying around waiting to give themselves up, but no, they were going to make us work for our meal. After about fifteen minutes we found our first oyster. It was easy to catch as they can’t run very fast. 

We shucked it on the beach (?) and now, full of confidence and bravado, went looking for more. We ended up with seven. Shucking them was a little difficult as Rosalie had to hold the umbrella as I did the shucking. If she moved the wrong way, which happened a few times, I would get water down my neck.One thing I learned, was, next time, take a nice sturdy pair of gloves as my hands got cut up a bit. Also, wellies would be good, nice yellow ones I think. We were also wet and sandy but we didn’t care as we were having fun. Although it was raining it wasn’t the least bit cold.

We made our way slowly back to the car as we were going to try the beach at Fanny Bay. On the way, I spotted a pile of sand with a hole in the middle. “Oh ho!” Says I and started to dig with my fricking shucking knife. We ended up with our limit of seventy-five clams as well as the oysters. We plan on making this a regular outing but we’re a little worried that it might not rain enough.

“The life of man is of no greater importance to the universe than that of an oyster.”

David Hume

3 comments to Clams, lots of clams.

  • Margie

    So now that you have proven to be the worst oyster hunters/clam diggers in history, I have some advice to offer:
    First: Shoes and beaches don’t do well together. Gum boots are mandatory and if you insist on wearing wellies, the shellfish will know you are a foreigner and will dig in deeper!
    Second: Wear rain gear…head to toe rain gear. Has anyone mentioned that we live in a rain forest? And don’t even think about taking a brolly to the beach. Here, or in Bamfield, Ucluelet, Tofino, Long Beach or any other self-respecting green space, you will be ridiculed relentlessly!
    Third: Wear gloves. Duh!
    Fourth: Don’t let Chris handle sharp objects without proper supervision.
    Fifth: Buy a license. Otherwise, you will end up in court with all the other new Canadians who plead that they don’t understand the laws. However, your command of the English language is quite good, so the judge may not be quite so lenient with you.
    Sixth: Did you even see the big signs at Fanny Bay about the entire area being privately owned oyster leases? Jeeeeez!
    Glad you had fun and I promise that I won’t report you to the feds if you share some delicious clam chowder…with me!

  • Bill and Michelle

    You are having wayyyyyyyyyyyyyy too much fun !!! hugs

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