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We were missing the blue jays, so after gallivanting around Europe for almost six weeks we skulked off to the trailer to try to combat the effects of jet lag and financial fatigue.

While we were away, our good friend Lyn checked on the place once a week and fed the blue jays for us, but apparently, this wasn’t good enough. As soon as we arrived they swooped.

The most birds we encountered during the summer was six. This evening we counted ten and they were getting aggressive. I think the word is out and can hear them telling each other “over here lads, this fools got peanuts”. I guess the winter is coming on and instinct tells them they have to store food even though they have been storing all summer.

If we ever have tropical temperatures there will be so many peanut plants sprouting we will rival Jimmy Carter’s farm. One morning I was sitting having breakfast when a blue jay landed on my hand and tried to steal my toast. Twice I’ve had to chase them out of the shed where the peanuts are stored as they like to go in to help themselves.
If we don’t feed them, they sit around glowering at us, trying to make us feel guilty. When I do get a handful of peanuts I try to hand them out one by one, but I can’t keep up. They get so greedy that they will drop the nut they have, to go for another one, and often end up losing both. Of course, I get the blame for this as apparently, I don’t supply enough nuts. We only went through about 50 lbs. this summer so perhaps I have to buy more. I think I may have to buy my own peanut tree. ( yes I know they grow underground, work with me on this).
We like peanuts too but can’t throw the shells into the fire as the birds think we are doing it for them and try to retrieve them from the flames. Singed blue jay does not smell good.
Imagine the scene in the movie “The Birds” where they are all sitting looking innocent and cute and fluffy and the next minute they are trying to poke your eye out. That’s what I feel like in the morning when I go out on the deck for my coffee. If I can make it to the shed for a handful of peanuts I know I may be safe….for a while.

“Shoot all the bluejays you want, if you can hit’em, remember it’s a sin to kill a mockingbird.”

Harper Lee.

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