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While in Arizona we had a crisis of WiFi. Basically we had none. We are seniors, what do we need technology like WiFi and the Internet for? Well, I’ll tell you. Every morning we got up and each of us picked up our various devices to see what was happening in the world. We checked our email, the news, our investments and what ever else we could think of. We settled a lot of arguments with Google too.


T-Mobile hot spot

Last year while we were at the trailer, we had no WiFi so we looked forward to trips to Bowser where the hardware store had a free Shaw connection. I could Check the latest hockey news and Rosalie checked her stuff on Facebook. It can be expensive though as we always feel we have to buy something. I have tons of nails in all sizes if anyone wants some cheap. So, while we were in Phoenix I bought a WiFi Hub from T-Mobile and now we use it up at the trailer. It works great and we only have to pay for WiFi, no minutes or texts. It works all over North America with no roaming charges. We get 2 gigs of data for 30 days for about $26 Canadian. If the 2 gigs runs out before the 30 days are up we can either top up or use a slower speed.

I love WiFi

This is not an ad. just information. When our cell phone plan ends early next year we may consider ditching it and using WiFi only. I read a report from CBC about this and although it wouldn’t be good for everyone, its still worth looking into. We have the perfect set up as we can take the Hub anywhere we go and we won’t have any monthly charges. Although if we had a data only Sim card we could put that in our phones and not be dependent on WiFi.  You can even port your old phone number. You can get free text also for less than $2 a month. Calling all over the world is cheap and calling in Canada is free for most areas. If you call outside of a free city, the charge is 2 cents a minute. I downloaded the app to ‘Fongo‘ to try it. I called Peter and had no problems  but he said the sound was low and there was a bit of hiss in the background. Other wise it worked fine. When he called me back he had to dial ‘one’ first, so I’m looking into that. In the meantime my regular number is still working without the ‘one’. As I said “I love technology”.

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