Camino del Santiago

When we were in Prince George Rosalie got together with her sisters who were saying how they are going to walk the Camino del Santiago in Portugal. It’s about 100 km of walking with a bus tour on the side. She got quite enthusiastic about it. We checked with her doctor and Cardiologist and they both thought it was a great idea. So she may well go.

CaminoI told her it was a stupid idea until I realised she wasn’t expecting me to do it. I also get a couple of weeks to myself. She does need to get into shape for the event so I thought I would be her personal trainer. I had visions of sitting in the car driving along beside her, prodding her with a stick every time she flagged. Apparently, this wasn’t how she saw it.

I foolishly suggested a treadmill. We were no sooner off the ferry from Vancouver when she started to text Lyn. Lyn happened to be at Canadian Tire and started to egg Rosalie on. Next thing I know we are there looking at the darn things. I knew this could not turn out well. They had a special on and we got one for almost a quarter of the original price. Which was ridiculous anyway. I’ll pay for it with the proceeds of my book: “How husbands are killed passively”

Our car is tiny and this thing was huge but we managed to stuff it in with the help of two  burley guys from the store. I went home to unload it from the car by myself (did I mention that it was also heavy?) and started putting it together while Rosalie and Lyn went to the Longwood Brew Pub for lunch. (Sounds fair to me?)Camino

I dragged it out of the car and started the assembly. It mostly went well. The instructions for once were it English, not Swahili, with pictures. Even so the job took over two hours. It was a good workout just assembling it.

I hope she uses it as she swore she would. She’ll get me to show her how to use it and I’ll have run a five K before I know it. Then she’ll walk off with that happy little smile on her face knowing that I may live a few days longer.

You’ll be able to view our treadmill some time in the summer at our garage sale. It will no doubt be for sale at a fraction of the price we paid for it.


6 comments to Camino del Santiago

  • Dave

    Blight on the world, running machines. No one ever keeps it up…lol. great to buy second hand as they r hardly used n not many miles on the clock….lol

  • Ray

    Chris, sorry to say I will have to agree with Dave on this one.
    For some reason home gyms end up being clothes hangers, we finally sold ours and now have no where to hang our stuff;)..
    Best to join a local wellness center for the socialization, pickel ball is great cardio to. Have fun in the meantime all good stuff.

  • Michelle Witham

    I have 3 friends that did the Camino walk and loved it but it is not an easy thing to do., lots of uphill and gravel roads and carrying your stuff can be hard but by getting in shape will help. One of my friends just got back from the walk and the only problem she had was her feet, gotta have really good shoes….I think it’s fantastic that you’re thinking about doing it Rosalie, good on you !! My friend did it because she lost her husband a year or so ago and felt the need for meditation and self discovery which it did help a lot. So proud of you, mon amie., Hugs

  • Alan Nixon

    Go Rosalie! The Camino del Santiago that Cathy wants ti is in Spain and is 700 kms! Portugal sounds like a good warm up! Cherrs from sunny Puerto Vallarta! Alan

  • Wendy-Lynne

    My goodness, Rosalie will have “walked with the stars”. Have her read about Shirley MacLaine’s trek. Quite inspiring, also stream on your new tv box “The Walk” with Marty Sheen directed by Amelio Estevez, his son. Both are really good. Also, perhaps go to the library and get her the book The Wild, a very good read (movie not so good) about a woman’s trek through The Sierras. Perhaps walking Westwood Lake with all the beautiful scenery would do just as well, and no plane fares.

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