We were visiting my former friend Gordie when he mentioned that he had a roll of cushion flooring that he wanted to sell. As we were thinking about redoing the flooring in our kitchen we ended up buying it. He’s my former friend because he


Rosalie keeping an eye on me

knew full well how much work and angst he was going to cause me but offered it to us anyway. I think he knew that Rosalie wouldn’t say no. He could have said nothing and we would never have known about his screaming good deal.

I started early the next day under the watchful eye of Rosalie. I had to level the kitchen floor so I went to Lowes and spoke to an eastern European speaking associate. Between his accent, my very proper English accent and a bit of sign language I managed to get the product I needed.

I measured, and measured a second time, at Rosalie’s insistance. I fitted the floor and when I’d finished I came to the disagreeable conclusion that I also had enough flooring to do both bathrooms. There were tears in my eyes as I grabbed my tape measure and trudged upstairs to take further measurements. The thought crossed my mind that if I screwed it up bad enough I wouldn’t have to do the downstairs bathroom. The thought of Rosalie finding out, though, was discouragement enough. I had to remove and flooringreplace the toilets so that made the job a little more enjoyable?

I had decided to remove the ceramic tile floor in the bathrooms as neither of the toilets had ever fit very well. We often had to hold on or else we tended to slide off. Whoever did the upstairs bathroom laid the tile right on the old lino. This was great for me as all I had to do was pull it up and the tile came with it. The downstairs was a different proposition. I had to chip the tile up from the concrete floor. Fortunately, they didn’t do a very good job and it came up fairly easily, and I only bled a little bit.

I started the downstairs bathroom. All went well…for a while. I laid the flooring and as I made to reinstall the toilet it rolled over and smashed. Now a reasonably priced job turned into an expensive one. We had to wait until the next day to buy a  new one. In the meantime, I had visions of Rosalie spending hours in the lone upstairs bathroom when I needed to go. She tends to do that.

Besides the actual work of installing the flooring, I had to replace all the baseboard, recycle the toydies as well as making a couple of runs to the dump. Gordie, I may never forgive you. I know I will, though, we need you at the pub on Thursdays.

4 comments to Flooring

  • Dave

    Lol….sounded fun..!! Know how you feel about de- tileing, dont think ive ever done a job and not left my dna via bloodshed.hope rosalie is happy now. Just think off all the brownie points you have acumulated.!!!

  • Lyn Emeny-Smith

    Just be grateful they were small areas! Lol!
    Looks awesome though so you can rest now!

  • Ray

    Chris you are making me think twice about retirement again, I think I will stick to my desk job for a bit;)… is Gordie off the road now , have they settled in somewhere?

    • paddington98

      G & J are house sitting in palm Spring at the moment. They don’t have a house yet. Still living in their motor home when they are here.

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