Spring has Sprung

Has Spring final sprung or, are we just kidding ourselves? We know spring will soon be here as the Beer/Book Club guys are starting to come back from warmer places. They remind me of crocuses popping up at the first hint of warmth.


The guys returning from down south and down under.

We had an interesting winter. Things started getting weird in the late summer with Rosalie’s ‘coronary event’ and ended with us not going to Mexico. In between, we had two funerals, decision made to go on the Camino walk, snow storms, a treadmill, new flooring, new window coverings, writing an e-book and a few parties. For us, this winter was far from boring.

In a few weeks, we will head up to the trailer to open it for the season. As soon as it gets a bit warmer we’ll have us a party. I have to do some work first as our windbreak for the fire pit collapsed. It was due to me being lazy and the unexpectedly heavy snowfall. We have been up a few times over the winter just to check things out. All seems to be well. We had no critter invasions this year, so that’s good.

So what are we doing during the summer? Who the heck knows? Now that we’re retired, we think we’ll get bored and start throwing things at each other for fun. It never turns out that way. Something always seems to crop up to keep us amused. In the meantime, we always have Rosalie’s training.

I decided to support Rosalie in her walk when she explained that I didn’t have to do it. What she very slyly left out was that I would have to support her in her training walks. So now, I will be doing my least favourite pastime of hiking. I need it though as I’m a little overweight and starting to feel a bit sluggish after the winter.

There are all kinds of trails around here so we’ve selected a few to try out. We have been walking a local route almost three kilometres long.  It may be time to push it a little more as Rosalie handled it easily. I manage to crawl home eventually. I found one 6.5 kilometres long and as soon as it gets a little warmer we will try that out. Maybe, by that time, I’ll able to walk a little faster so Rosalie doesn’t have to keep stopping and frowning at me as I try to catch up.

She gets on the treadmill most days. I stand and watch thereby getting my own exercise. Treadmills are great but not the same as an actual walk, so we have to get out there soon. (heavy sigh!)

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