So the great day has arrived. I finally published my books with Smashwords, yes books). They took a while because I had to create the Covers from scratch. As you will see, should you choose to buy one, I’m not too good at graphic art. I did contact someone online,


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probably in a third world country, to do the work. The problem was that I had a hard time communicating exactly what I wanted. The guy was using standard images and I needed something more specific. I finally gave up and decided to do the job myself. 

Being asked to fill in a quality survey for the guy, I mostly gave a four out of five. He then filed a grievance with Fiverr, the company I contacted him through, demanding that I give all fives on the survey. He needs this, he said, so that he could get a better rating and help feed his kids. Not one to be emotionally blackmailed, I promptly ignored him.

Why two books? Well, I had so much fun with the first one that I just had to do a second. Which, by the way, is free. What I did was, I cleaned up all my old blogs from the Europe trip and published them. Reading through them brought back a whole lot of memories.


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The titles of the books are “A Crazy Idea” ($2:50 US ) and “A Crazy Idea Too!” (Free) They can be downloaded from wherever you buy your ebooks. “A Crazy Idea” has a release date of 14th April but can be pre-ordered at any time. “A Crazy Idea Too!” is available now.

I was thinking of doing both for free, but then I remembered all the months I had spent writing, all the supplies I had gone through and all the moderately heated discussions Rosalie and I had endured. Not counting the ridiculous price of $15 to feed my online graphics guy and his family for several months. So I came up with a low priced book. I wanted to charge $39.99 but Rosalie laughed at me so I backed down.

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