No boats, ever!

Since we got the RV lot we thought it would be a great idea to get a small boat. We could see ourselves drifting on the ocean drinking champagne and eating lobster we had just caught. It didn’t matter that we can’t afford champers and can’t catch No boatslobster on this coast. We had our weird dream and we wanted to go for it. We tried the experiment with the canoe but that didn’t work out as the darn thing was too heavy. Since then, every time I mention it, Rosalie says “no boats!” So much for dreams.

I would often see a boat for sale but when I show it to her I would still get: “no boats!” Until one day we were driving to Qualicum and we saw a boat for sale at the side of the road. “Wanna look” I ventured. ” Sure”,  she says. She was hooked! We didn’t buy that one but my evil plan finally paid off. Until this time I hadn’t taken it too seriously as I knew she was adamant about not getting one. But suddenly, we were looking for a boat.

I went to my usual source’s Kijiji, Craig’s list and Used Nanaimo. There wasn’t a lot but we tracked one or two down. First, we went to Port Alberni. Rosalie liked that one, but it was too small and over priced. It also needed a lot of cleaning up. Next stop Comox! This one was a better size and had an inboard motor but no canopy. We decided to give it a miss.

I finally found one in Cedar, with all the things we needed, and a lot more. We made an appointment and looked forward to checking it out. When we saw it we went over the whole thing, asked all the questions and told the guy we were going to go for a coffee to discuss it and would get back to him. We got in the car and Rosalie said: “I want it.” I said, “Me too.” We got out of the car and made the guy an offer, less that what we expected to get it for (of course.) He accepted so we got a deal.

The next thing we had to do was get it to the RV lot. We had the truck but it wasn’t insured and I didn’t know if the wiring for the lights was up to the job. We took care of the insurance and Peter and I went to the trailer park to fetch the truck to bring the boat home. I had problems doing the electrical hook up because the wiring was old and tarnished and wouldn’t solder well. I thought all looked good and the following day went to pick up our new boat.

When we had loaded the boat with all the extra stuff the guy gave us, I hooked up and found that only the left blinker and stoplight worked. Nothing to do but go for it. As it turns out, we only had to make left turns on the way to the RV lot anyway. I drove carefully and we arrived safely.

The next thing we had to do was give it a trial run.


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