Test run.

Having got the boat safely to the trailer, we now had to make a test run. We hadn’t owned a motor boat before so didn’t know what to expect when I launched it.

test runThe great day came and Peter and Suzie called to say they wanted to be in on the fun. Great, Peter was coming, now I had someone to blame if things went sideways.

We loaded the boat. I found it interesting that when guys get in a boat we take a fishing rod and a pack of beer. Women, on the other hand, think of food first. This involves a lot of planning. We ended up with two or three coolers, a bag of buns and several packs of chips. 

My troubles began when we got to the ramp at Horn Lake after paying $6.30 launch fee. I wasn’t used to backing up a short trailer so had some fun lining it up which involved lots of neck twisting. I finally got the boat in the water and hoisted Peter and Suzie aboard. Rosalie, in her new wellies, held on to the boat while I went to park the truck and trailer.

 The motor started without too much trouble and away we went. We cruised for a while and then dropped anchor to have lunch. After we had eaten, we wanted to do some fishing but some idiot (me) had left P and S’s rods in the truck. Back to the launch ramp.

 I had developed a nasty headache from twisting and turning to see how I was doing during the launch so wasn’t in the mood for fishing. It was a disappointment to P and S but I wasn’t in good shape so we went back. We loaded the boat on the trailer with no problems and returned to the RV lot. The day ended with good food, wine and Tylenol. So ended our test run.

I think it was a great day as I learned a lot about the boat and the technique of launching and retrieving it. I also learned to not leave things in the back of the truck. A bit more practice backing up is needed but that will come with time.

My next problem is that with all the extra stuff we got with the boat our little shed was over crowded. We got: down riggers, survival suits, crab traps, prawn traps, life jackets, extra bumpers as well as lots of extra parts that all needed storage space. So we decided to box in the area under the front of the fifth wheel. Another chore for my list.

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