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The New Nest

Seeing as we now have a new Egg, Rosalie suggested that I build a new nest for it. Sort of an outdoor kitchen but without the sink, side burner or anything else that resembles a kitchen. More like a couple of tables really.

I got on the computer and pulled up my trusty drawing program. I don’t know why I bother as I never follow the plans anyway. It does sound The new nestprofessional though and makes me look smarter than I really am. As it turned out the project was nothing like my original idea. I like to think of this as flex-planning.

It was going to be built of cedar until I saw the cost and then decided on cheaper lumber instead. It is just a trailer lot after all.

We call our tiny car ‘our little truck’. It is small, but I managed to get 10 – 2x3s and 32 – 1x2s inside. At this point Rosalie would be walking, but fortunately for her I made that trip alone. I dropped the lumber off at the trailer and waited with great anticipation until we could return the following day.

Oh joy! A pile of unused wood just waiting for me to turn into something lopsided.

Pulling out all the necessary tool’s, I started in. Bang, bang, saw, saw, drill, drill, ouch, ouch, ouch, swear, swear, swear. I think it’s only fair if I put this much energy into a project I should spill a bit of blood. It’s poetic in a way, also no one could steal my stuff and get away with it as, it’s easily identiible by my DNA.

I built the main frame and installed the bottom shelf. Next came the Egg. As I had already dismantled and remantled it three time before, once more time was no big deal. I very carefully lifted the lower half and placed it on its base on the bottom shelf. When I had finished remantaling it I finished the top shelf. 

I noticed that the base was a little too far back so I tried to pull it forward a bit. All this did was give me more back issues as the Egg does weigh 167 lbs, so l left it where it was.

With it finally finished we could now enjoy more of my BBQ delights. But alas, building a new nest wasn’t the answer to my culinary ineptness. So we scrapped the bottom off the salmon and hoped for a better result next time.


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