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Alan, the new Blue Jay

The blue jays have been really aggressive and not as friendly this year, so we decided to try squirrel for entertainment instead. For the first time in three years, we have one friendly enough to feed peanuts to. We call him Alan because of this video on youtube.

AlanHe keeps us amused in all sorts of ways. He even bit Peter’s finger for our entertainment. Blood everywhere. Peter dropped a peanut by his chair while trying to attract our little furry friend. Alan took it as a threat and bit quick and deep. It worked out okay though as Alan had no ill effects.

Usually, he shows up unannounced and plays around my feet until I get some nuts to feed him. I’m afraid that he’ll show up one day unnoticed and I’ll step on him. So, I put a bunch of nuts in a little yellow bin under The Egg so he can help himself and stay out of my way.

I was once sitting reading on my tablet when he climbed up my leg and sat on top of the screen. Rosalie likes him but doesn’t want him crawling on her so I have to watch for him and lure him away. If I feed him by hand I always do it in the same location to try to get him from under my feet.

He’s a smart little guy and goes around after the blue jays and digs up their stashes. One of their favourite places is in one of the hanging baskets. We would often see Alan digging for hidden treasure.

As the season is coming to an end he has decided he needs a new place to stash his nuts. After all, he must have about ten pounds in his other stash. We saw him one day in the same hanging basket. He showed up with a peanut and started to dig…and dig…and dig. When I got close enough to look, I saw that he had dug a perfectly round hole and had placed some nuts at the bottom. Check the video!

Soon I saw him take one of the nuts from his yellow bucket and run across to the deck and put it in his new hidey-hole.

Next year I’m going to train him to ring a bell when he wants to be fed. Then, if he gets that clever I’m going to sell him to the circus. I’ll miss him, but that’s better than treading on him.

Peter also has a squirrel that likes to come onto his deck for peanuts. Of course, we had to name him Steve.

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