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Day five Coimbra

Rosalie day five:

“Quite a few tense moments this morning as we gathered at 9:00 to check out & get on the bus.

Two older ladies left their phone charging & handbags & luggage in their room when they went for breakfast.

When they came back, handbag and phone were gone. Quite a lot of shouting occurred that Housekeeping must have done it.

Turned out they went back to the wrong room! That’s why their phone & handbag were not there. 

We were all very happy to be reminded to take better care of our important stuff. I never go anywhere without my handbag, ever, & have taken to wearing my passport and extra money & credit cards always in the money belt around my waist, at All Times.

An embarrassed little lady said she never locks her doors at home, is not that good with keys, & didn’t really notice or remember her room number.

Lots of fun on this trip!


They then went on to the university town of Coimbra

“Lovely tour of the University which is over 500 years old.

Lots of stories, but one personal one from the local guide:

Bit of background: the students, box sexes wear black capes. We saw lots of them on the street & at the University.

Well when the tour guide was going to Coimbra University, she & a girlfriend went to a pub. There was a guy there wearing his robe with nothing underneath. He was asking all the girls if they wanted to see his teddy bear. All evening and he didn’t get many takers.

Finally, most partiers went home & our tour guide & her friend were left.

He came around again asking if they wanted to see his teddy bear. So they reluctantly said ok so he flashed them.

What they actually saw was a hollowed out teddy bear in his private area!

After touring the University, we walked for a bit, some went to a church, some, the ‘Sole Sistas’ again had our commandeered lunch. Afterwards, there was a very very steep cobblestone road down to the main Coimbra commercial area to yet another cathedral.

Giselle & Dedee had a glass of wine at €1.20, where Elonda had a can of 7-up for €1.80.

It is now 3 pm on the bus heading to Oporto where we will overnight.

Tomorrow is the 12th & guess what: the next day we start our Camino.

The weather this morning was 10 overnight & today by noon was 26+”.

If wine is cheaper than 7-up in know which I would be drinking.

I had to come home from the trailer today. Pub day tomorrow. I don’t know how Alan will take it. I did leave him a handful of peanuts in his bucket to last him until I go back on Friday. Poor little guy.


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