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Day four, the bus tour.

Day four and the bus tour begins. This is Rosalie’s take on the day.

“I was sitting right up front on the bus this morning, with a great view of the coming trip from Lisbon to Fatima, as the tour members took their seats.

Along came a woman who says she gets car sick if she doesn’t sit right in front.

Cathy & Giselle didn’t say anything, but Marina told her we all have the same problem.

There was fog & we were high up, here at the End of the World, so we couldn’t see the ocean very far down & then we saw this little Bay so had to photo it.

So I got up & said I don’t  get car sick, & moved to a seat farther back by myself.

At first, I felt a smidge disgruntled, but then I realized I have been needing a bit of space from our tight little Sole Sistas group. So then I welcomed my new solitude.

There is an older woman in the new group who can barely walk, so I’m wondering what she might be doing on a Camino pilgrimage. Yesterday she spent the whole time in the cafeteria, while the group went up into the castle.

Certainly, some of the new people are older & don’t appear fit at all. One woman, Barbara is loaded with arthritis, & used her walking sticks to get around the castle. She thinks she will be taking the baggage bus a lot on the Camino.

I am just putting down my thoughts as I enjoy my solitude, without having to make conversation this morning.

It is nearly 10 am. It is about 1.5 hours from Lisbon to Fatima.



We’ve just spent an hour in Nazare, on the way to Fatima. Trouble finding toilets of course.

We only bought tea, as we’ll be eating our commandeered buns, ham & cheese from breakfast, once we get to Fatima.

I had to buy a shirt, as it is absolutely Me. 

I already have a fridge magnet from Lisbon for us.

We are driving through the countryside, so they do have dirt, grass, trees, as well as rolling hills.

Quite fogged in today, temperature about 17, so we all are chilly except Elonda who has a marshmallow coat she takes everywhere.

Cathy bought each of us two fig & big walnut confection, traditional Portuguese, not sweet, just perfect.

Luiza bought one glass of Beirao that we all sipped from. It helped to warm us up, along with the tea.

I got another email from Rosalie in Fatima saying that it was a real gong show. The place is full of shops selling religious items that she doesn’t want. Typical though, she gets a new shirt, I get a fridge magnet.

I think the older folk she mentions are going to Fatima looking for a miracle. Let’s hope they find one.

I’m missing Rosalie at the moment. the dishwasher needs emptying and food just doesn’t taste the same somehow, even after I scrape the burned bits off.

I was sitting minding my own business yesterday when I felt this furry thing touch my arm. I jumped about three feet in the air with visions of huge spiders in my head, but it was only old peanut breath, Alan. I’ll have to teach him to whistle before he attacks me. 

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  • Wendy-Lynne and Alan

    Great to hear everything about the trip. Wish the pics were a tad larger for my old eyes to see.

    When do they start the walk?

    Tell Rosalie I love her and am excited for her?

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