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Day One, Lisbon

So, she’s finally gone off to Lisbon and day one of her new adventures. I took Rosalie the float plane on Thursday for the trip to Vancouver. She met up with her sisters later in the day and they had dinner together. Then, apparently, they had quite the party where several bottles of wine were consumed.

The next day we spoke a few times before her trip to Toronto where they had a three-hour layover before the final flight to Lisbon.

She woke me with an email at 6 am. this morning saying that she had landed okay and was at the hotel and all checked in. The first thing she did was connect to Wi-Fi with her android phone. Something her sisters weren’t able to do with their iPhones. I chuckled at that as I don’t like iPhones. The problem is, the Wi-Fi is so bad that she can’t use Skype at this stage.

They seem to be having a good time though. They took a couple of bottles of wine left over from the party in Vancouver so they had that and a good old sisterly, aunt and friends get-together. They were all trying to stay awake to adjust to local time to beat the jet lag.

I’m doing just fine. Had a nice steak last night. I’m not missing Rosalie’s cooking at all. I don’t know why I was so worried. But time will tell. However, I’m having a bit of a problem with the dishwasher. How do you stop the paper plates from getting soggy? I know, I’ll put them in a ziplock bag. See I’m not a stupid as everyone thinks I am.

So ends day one.

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