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Day seventeen, Home

Day seventeen and she’s finally home. 

I caught the 8:30 ferry and had a nice lunch with my daughter Lisa in Abbotsford. Afterwards, having dawdled away some time visiting some old haunts in Langley I made a b-line for the airport. I had about an hour wait so I grabbed a Timmy’s and settled in.

Finally, the great moment arrived: I got the first “real” text from Rosalie saying they had landed. I wandered over to the arrivals gate and waited. I got another text saying that she looked like hell and I shouldn’t be concerned. After a while, I saw her limping (slightly) out of the gate. We did our huggy thing and made for the car.

day seventeen

Rosalie said that this is how she felt as she arrived in Vancouver. Yup! that’s about how she looked.

After close to 200,000 steps, 117 km, rain, shine, blisters, too much wine, too much food and then a day travelling, she looked great. Although a bit tired, jet-lagged and very punchy.

We had decided to go to Horseshoe Bay for the ferry as it was too tight to catch the one from Tsawwassen. We had to drive through rush hour traffic so I was a bit concerned about that. As it turned out, we drove straight through without a single hold up.

It was lucky that I chose Horseshoe Bay because of the incident at Duke point. Also, there was a small oil spill in the tunnel and the traffic was backed up for miles.

All this time Rosalie is rambling on about the great time she had. She was so tired she was acting as though she was drunk. Talking, giggling and generally having a good time. When we arrived home she had a nice shower and went to bed. Even with the time difference, she had a good nights sleep. So did I. I don’t sleep well when she’s not there.

She brought back with her, a whole caseful of souvenirs. I think she must have left a lot of her clothes behind as there can’t have possibly been enough room for both. 

She hasn’t noticed the stain left by the tea bag yet. She’s been missing me so I may get away with this one.


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