Day Six, Oporto

It’s now day six and Rosalie is drinking it up at Sandeman’s in Oporto. She better stay a tad sober as she starts the walk tomorrow. I’m not sure if some of her reports are out of order as they come to me at odd times. Because of the Wi-Fi being erratic. I told her to find a Timmies but she didn’t respond.

“Very interesting presentation at the warehouse where we had the port tasting.

The Sandeman rep was a young woman dressed in the garb of the University of Coimbra, along with the small Day sixsombrero that is the logo of Sandeman. She did an excellent job and we learned a lot about the cool temperatures the casked port is stored at.

Some very large vats holding up to 14,000 litres.

It’s about 1:30 pm temperature is 26-28 in the shade. Oporto is a beautiful old City. Lots of limestone on the Iberian Penninsula, everything’s made of it.”

Cruise on Douro River:

“Wine tasting at Sandeman Port wine located in the sister nearby city of Gaia. Apparently all the grapes are grown in Oporto, then the crushed grapes/green wine is taken by big stainless steel bins on trucks, like our milk trucks, to Sandeman in Gaia to be casked & stored for many years. 

Very tasty – I prefer the Tawny port, although the white is also delicious. The Ruby one is sweeter & has hints of fruit & chocolate. Apparently, we can buy this brand in Canada.

The one I may bring home is called Invictus Tawny & That is even more superb! Don’t think we can buy this one at home.

It is now 12:30 pm, on the bus doing a big bus tour of the city of Oporto.”

Braga to Tui:

“We went up the perilous windy narrow road with lots of switchbacks to famous Bom Jesus church – ABC – It cost €2 so Day sixmost of us didn’t go in.

The toilets cost €.50 & of course, I no longer had coin! I asked Father Larry who was nearby if he could change a €5 & he gave me €1 coin & said to share with a friend.

This is only the second time we’ve had to pay. The washrooms are generally better & cleaner than we experienced before on our Europe trip.

Our hotels have been good for the most part. Strange though the first hotel Inspira Santa Maria in Lisbon was very modern but had no privacy at all for someone showering. So by now Dedee, Elonda & I no longer have any secrets!”

“It is around 2:45 pm. As I sit on my own on the bus, I hear the buzz or some conversation, the slight snore of sleepers, and luckily, no commentary from the tour guide, I feel at peace.

I am exactly where I should be at this moment in time. 

The coach temperature is exactly perfect, the day outside is warm, like 28, I talked to you last night & today, all is right with the world.

This really is another Trip of a Lifetime!

So far, our seven are friendly with the others, but we also watch out for each other of our seven. We don’t want to say too much about the commandeered food because we don’t want to have everyone do it, or we may be stopped.

Nearly at Braga. We only tour here. We head to Tui for overnight.”


Tui is in Spain and also where El Camino starts. Here reference to ABC means ‘another bloody church/castle

I’m home for a while. I have to go back to the trailer on Saturday to do the final closing up. So sad. Oh well! off to Melaque in a month. I’m sure Alan won’t miss me as he should be hibernating, cuddled up with all those peanuts for insulation.

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