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Day Three Lisbon

Day three and it doesn’t look as though they have stopped partying yet. 

I wake up to Rosalie’s email first thing in the morning and because of the Wi-Fi situation, I don’t hear again until early afternoon. It seems as though they haven’t got over the jet-lag yet as they all had a bad night.

Day three

At the Olympic village

They met up with the other members of the party today. So far there is only one man but a priest will be joining them later. All the people on the tour are from BC except one person from Florida.

Today they took the first day of the bus tour to Sintra but were returning to the same hotel for the evening.  Rosalie said “Interesting about Lisbon, there is no grass or dirt. Everything is cobblestone, streets, Blvds and sidewalks. Seems odd to me” She saw some grass later in the tour.

They spent lunchtime on the beach in a suburb called Cascais, pronounced ‘Cash cayish’. The temperature is about 25 deg with a slight breeze. They took some breakfast buns and cheese and stuff from their hotel and made a picnic of it.

Gasoline prices are 1.338 Euros (I don’t have a Euro symbol). About $1.97 CND. It looks as though we’re slowly

Day three

Riding the carousel

catching them up price wise.

They saw the Vasco de Gama bridge which is a replica of the San Fransisco bridge.

Later in the day, they went to the sight of the 1998 summer Olympics. They also took a ride on a carousel. Carousels are really popular in Europe. When we were there we noticed them in most towns and cities.

Rosalie called me this afternoon. We had a fairly good conversation but the Skype reception wasn’t very good. Perhaps when they change hotels tomorrow it will get better….or worse. Who knows. Her goal with her Fitbit is 10,000 steps a day. Today she did 11,000 while she was on the bus tour. I think they have bumpy roads and that’s whats triggering it. She is pretty determined though.

One good thing with having Rosalie gone is that I get bored and end up doing all the little jobs I should have done earlier. I even replaced the roof over the egg. I only put it up last year but was never really happy with it.  Alan hasn’t been around all day. I think he’s on to me and is moving his stash. 

End of day three. Tomorrow, Fatima.

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