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Day Two Lisbon

It’s now day two Lisbon and I didn’t get woken quite so early this morning. Rosalie must be getting used to the day two lisbontime change. She sent me an email last night at 5:15 pm. Which I thought was odd as it would have been about 1 am. there. She told me later that she was still getting over the jet lag and was up until 2.

They all went exploring the city today. I was a bit concerned as she said they were being shown around by a pool boy. When I read it a second time I realised it said Polish boy so I was okay with that. Unless he is a pool boy as well.

They went in a small open bus something lIke a golf cart. She said the streets are very narrow and quite hilly. They are all cobblestonesday two lisbon and she thought they might be difficult to walk on. This turned out not to be the case and she was fine in her sandals. Of course, this being Europe she says they drive too fast. We witnessed that when we were over there a few years ago.

The weather there is warm the sky is nice and blue and the temperature is about 24 deg. The wine is cheap so I may get a few incoherent emails which she will no doubt blame on bad W-Fi. They are also into a local drink called ‘Beirao’ so thing may get even worse.

I’m still making out okay. I just can’t find the case of Kraft dinner Rosalie left for me. She likes to hide things. She says looking keeps me occupied. Oh well! I know where Alan stashed his peanuts so I’m sure I’ll get by.

Tomorrow they start the bus tour so maybe I’ll have something more exciting to report.

So ends Day two Lisbon.


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