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While my back was turned, Rosalie got a countertop dishwasher for the trailer. I don’t know why she needed it: our old one was almost 68 years old and still working fine.

Anyway, I sucked it up and went to help with the installation. I thought it would take up a lot of the counter space, which it did, but it seems to be worth it. 

The first problem was that the hoses didn’t fit on our taps. We needed an adapter so off to Home Hardware in Qualicum we went. They had several but none fitted so we went to the Parksville store and tried again. This time we were lucky as that one fit perfectly. So we rushed back to the trailer to try it.

I screwed the adapter onto the tap, we loaded the machine with soap and turned the water on, at which point the whole tap flew from its base and water flew everywhere. After we dried off, we realised the RV taps were not up to it. We were also running out of dry towels.

We then bought new taps from Home Depot and started again. This time it worked great, however, we did notice a lot of water in the cupboards under the sink. I lifted the machine and found water pouring from the bottom. Overall I stripped it down five times, checked all the seals and it still leaked. I even went so far as to ask for professional help from Barrons Appliances, who told us that parts are hard to come by. It looked like we were on our own.

We went back to the trailer and I stripped it yet again. When I say I stripped it, I mean that I even took the motor apart and checked its seals. One didn’t look quite right so I reversed it and tried again. Lo and behold, it seemed to work. no leaks! 

As time went on though, it started to leak a little so to save me any more grief I asked Rosalie to put a frying pan under the dishwasher to catch the few drips. That worked just fine so now I can get back to all the other chores I have to take care of.



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  • Ray

    Chris you are making me feel guilty;)), Yvonne is still waiting for me to install a dishwasher in our house of 30 years…not sure about that retirement thing I won’t have any excuses than.
    I did book us a flight to Hawaii this January so I maybe OK for a bit;))..

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