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El Camino

The time has finally come for Rosalie to make her trip to Portugal and Spain for her El Camino walk. She leaves today but fortunately, her departure doesn’t clash with pub day. If it did she would have to take a taxi to the float plane. Tonight I party….tomorrow I wimper.

I know I’m going to miss her. I keep telling myself I won’t but I know I will. Who’s going to make my mid-morning coffee is one of the problems I will have to face. But I’m tough I’ll get over it. 

It’s not as though I won’t have things to do. The sunroom has to be finished and then the trailer has to be put away for the winter. I also have to go through all my crap to get rid of stuff just in case we do decide to go to Mexico for six months. And then there is always pub day to keep me occupied for a few hours.

She doesn’t want me to starve so she stocked the fridge and freezer both at home and at the trailer. But the problem is, who’s going to cook all this stuff? She hasn’t thought about that. I thought she’d make arrangements with one of the neighbours but apparently not, But I’ll work it out I kind of like Kraft dinners anyway and then there’s always McDonalds.

She is going to try and send an email each day summarising what she’s been up to. I will turn this into a blog and post it. I don’t think there will be a lot of photos but we can sort that out when she gets back.

As she is my editor-in-chief the grammar may get a little sloppy at times but that’s entirely her fault for going away in the first place. I will do my best though and I’m sure the message will get across.

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