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The roof

That’s roof as in goof, not woof.

I was busy (as usual) working away at the trailer one Sunday morning when Rosalie reminded me that it was the day of the Spider Lake Springs A.G.M. I don’t usually miss them as they can be quite fun and there is always the chance that a fight will break out. This day though, I was too busy, so Rosalie went alone.

At noon, as the meeting was breaking up, I got a call from Rosalie saying that she and a bunch of our neighbours were going for lunch and would I like to join them. Not wanting to miss an opportunity to skip work for a while I quickly agreed.

There were a few false starts to me meeting them, as they kept changing the venue. We eventually ended up at the golf club and had a nice lunch. During lunch, the conversation turned to RV’s with roof leaks. “You gotta have a permanent roof,” the old timers told us. We saw the sense in the idea and decided to investigate.

As we left the club, Rosalie couldn’t find her car keys. It was lucky that I had met her as she obviously had locked them in the car. Well, not exactly! They were in the car alright but in the ignition. The car was still running and the doors were unlocked. Oops!

We decided to install a roof as we did have a few leaks and didn’t want the situation to get worse. I spoke to the park manager and then rushed home to draw up some plans on the computer. I submitted them to the manager and after a few grunts, he told me to go ahead.

While doing the plans I made a material list so all I had to do was go to Home Depot and spend lots of money. First I ordered the metal and polycarbonate panels to cover it with. The Polycarbonate are clear panels to let the light into the skylights. The next day I ordered colour coordinated screws. (My, how posh!).


Under construction. It was at this point that I ran out of screws.

I built the trusses and started on the installation. They told me that the metal would be delivered the following week.  However, the date changed several times and arrived a week late. The screws were a different story. They took a month to get here. In the meantime, I was cussing just a little bit.

I was told that I would need about 400 screws, which is what I ordered. It was obvious after one side was on, that I would need a lot more than that. I ended up using about 1,200. I didn’t want to go through waiting another month so, on the back of the roof that we can’t see, are white, blue and green ones. 

The polycarbonate panels lined up nicely with the four skylights so I was happy with the results.

Then some fool came up with the Mexico idea.

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