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The week from hell.

I had a hell of a week.

While trying to fix the leak in the dishwasher, I gashed my arm on the casing.

We had an idea that we wanted to try on the bank….they said no.

That same day we submitted plans to the resort for a sunroom for the trailer. They said no on a technical point.

I went back to change the drawing to comply and my computer died.

We headed into Nanaimo and bought a new laptop. I loaded MS office and soon realized that there was something wrong with the WIFI. We took the laptop back and exchanged it for another one. We took it home and reloaded MS office. Shortly after this one died too.

By this time I’d had enough of BestBuy and decided to try my luck with Staples. I eventually bought a slightly better one and went home full of hope. It worked just great, so I loaded MS office yet again and was told that I had exceeded my install limit. By this time I was ready to kill either myself or somebody else.

Then I remembered that I had ordered a deflector plate/ pizza stone for my Big Green Egg from Amazon and hadn’t checked it out yet. That should cheer me up. I opened the box with great expectations but of course, it was broken. (Heavy sigh). I could still have used it but didn’t know if it would stand up to the heat of the egg.

When we went to send it back we were told that it would cost $84.08 in postage. Apparently, I had somehow ordered it from and not Who would know these things?

I called Amazon and got through immediately. Things seemed to be looking up. I explained the problem and was told to hold as they wanted to get more info. Two minutes in, the phone dropped off and I lost the call. Oh boy!

I called again a few minutes later and again got through right away. I explained my dilemma for the second time. The young lady was very sympathetic. She said that I would have to pay for the return and be reimbursed by them later. I explained that I wasn’t about to put out a total of $160 for a broken item. So I suggested that I send them photos of the damage and dispose of the item myself. She put me on hold and I prayed that I wouldn’t lose the call again.

She came back within a few minutes and said that I would get a full refund and could keep the deflector to use how I saw fit. The service from these guys was awesome.

So the week wasn’t turning out too bad after all. That is until my knee gave out going down the stairs. I didn’t fall but have to wear a brace so that I can walk. So ended my week from hell. Oh, and by the way, the deflector plate works just great.


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