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We seem to only live in the condo for four months of the year and want to spend more time in Mexico. So, why not rent out the condo full time, live in the trailer in the summer and go to Mexico for the winter?

Yes, another one of those crazy ideas from the Wells’. This is a great idea economically but we have a huge amount of logistical problems to overcome.

How do we find a place down there for six months? Well, we met Mike in the trailer, four lots down from us. He practically lives in Melaque so we got a lot of advice from him as well as other people in the park. When we go down later this year we will investigate further. I don’t see this as being much of a problem. Even if we stay in our usual hotel it still works out financially.


Roof and sunroom.

Next, what to do with all our furniture? It would cost a lot to store it and seeing as some of it needs replacing anyway we may as well sell most of it and take the rest to the trailer. This is a bit of a problem as we don’t have a lot of room.

So we brought forward an idea we had for next year. We wanted to replace the awning with a metal and polycarbonate roof to let more light in. This idea was expanded to put in a sunroom instead.

If we were going to do this I wanted to start building this year to leave more time for moving when we come back. I got on my, not so trusty computer and started to draw up the plans. When I finished I took them to the park manager for approval. He had to turn me down as we have a strange rule that says 20% on each side of the room must be left open. 

I went back to the computer and found that it had fatally crashed and taken all my drawings with it. I eventually got a new laptop (see the week from hell) and created another set. Long story short, I eventual got approval and started to go at it.

I built the basic frame and planned to buy used windows from DemXx. The idea was to buy double pane and split them into two pieces. This was a stupid idea as I broke the first one. So, back to DemXx for another load. We now have thermal pane windows all around. I’m almost finished so it’s a load off for the spring.


Partially finished. Time for wine.

The picture on this page makes it look smaller than it is for some reason, probably the photographer. It’s actually 12′ by 12′.

The idea is to store what little furniture we have left in the trailer for the winter and put it in the sunroom for the summer.

The final decision hasn’t been made yet. We want to spend our two months in Mexico and get a better feel for the place with residency in mind. I’m pretty sure that we’ll do it though as we love Mexico so much.

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