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Standby Melaque

Standby Melaque here we come.

For various reasons after four days in Puerto Vallarta, we decided to start out for Melaque early.

We packed our bags and Rosalie ordered a taxi to the bus depot. It was a bit further than the airport and still only cost eighty pesos. We booked our tickets for the first class bus, it cost us about $24 each. We also got a drink, a sandwich and some cookies. It was supposed to be a four hour and ten-minute ride but it took nearly five hours. Ah! That’s Mexico. We weren’t in a hurry anyway and the bus was very comfortable.

We checked in at Laguna del Tule and Rosalie and I felt as if we had returned home. It’s a national holiday, Revolution Day this weekend and so the place was packed with more Mexicans tourists than normal.

The following evening we went out to find somewhere to eat. We ended up at one of our favourite roadside restaurants and ordered some drinks while we waited for our BBQ ribs. I happened to look up and saw a familiar face, the familiar face saw me and it turned out to be Mike and Fay, a couple we had met here before. so we all ate together.

After our meal, we went back to the place they are renting, for a glass of wine. It’s right on the beach and the whole beachside of the house is open. A beautiful place.

Later that night we were sitting by the pool, a group of Mexican kids came up and started talking to Lyn. Of course, Rosalie joined in and a great conversation ensued. They asked us all sorts of questions, like our ages, names and where we were from. The thing that amazed us was that they weren’t afraid to talk to us and ask questions. It would never happen with kids in Canada. It was kind of nice in the morning to hear a kids voice say “Adios Chris” as they left for home.

I had a problem before we left Canada. A rash had developed on my lower back and it was getting worse. I wasn’t feeling too good. Mike and Pat whom we know from the trailer park had wanted to take us out for brunch. When they came to pick us up they took me to the local clinic instead. I saw a really nice young Doctor who spoke English and he gave me a thorough going over and prescribed several medications. His bill came to 200 pesos, about $14.

Next, they took me to the Farmacia. When we got the bill I asked Rosalie if there was a mistake as the total for three prescriptions was only 57 pesos. It’s no wonder a lot of people don’t bother with travel medical when they come here. My second appointment with the Doc cost 30 pesos and the third 20 pesos.

I’ve had several sleepless nights, due to the itching, which nothing but ice seems to help, but I’m improving each day.

We walked to the weekly market yesterday and bought a few bits and pieces. There was a roadside taco stand so we had a taco and beer each. Total cost for three tacos and three beers was 84 pesos. About $5.60. 

The weather, of course, is great. It’s about 28 C and no rain.

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  • Wendy-Lynne

    Sounds like a wonderful holiday. Hope you don’t have Shingles. I am down with it and wish I could get out of my body.

  • Barb

    Sounds great! We’re in Kona now with same temp but just a “wee” bit more expensive here. Lol. Dave had tacos and a beer and it was about $21 American! Looking forward to Melaque in March. Will you guys still be there?

  • Vic Aubichon

    Hey we hope you guys are having a great time. The weather is nice and hot I hear. Hey if you guys want to go for dinner, I don’t know if you knew there’s a restaurant called Marcelas in taco laying down by the Square.
    Have fun and say hi to Marcel if you see him.

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