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Supplies Day

Now to go get our main supplies. After hauling a 5 Litre jug of water back the previous day I insisted that this time we take a taxi no matter what the cost.

As we were about to leave I noticed that there were two 5 Gal bottles of water under the stairs. All that sweat and agony for nothing.


View from our balcony.

We walked to the store grabbed a shopping cart and started in. I headed for the booze section as I wanted to get the essentials first. We got two six packs of Dos Equis for 90 pesos each, about $6. and a six-pack of Pacifico for 60 pesos, about $4. The tequila was $8 for a 750 mil bottle and Carolans was about $14.

Everything else was equally as inexpensive. 

We left the supermarket with our supplies and went in search of a taxi. The plan was to buy a freshly cooked chicken for our dinner but they weren’t done yet so we gave it a miss. We found a taxi and it cost us a whole 50 pesos to get back to the condo. This was about halfway to the airport so we knew we had been ripped off the day before. Although in fairness to the taxi drivers, they are charged a heavy fee by the airport to use that location.

That evening Rosalie started to cook our meal when we found that the gas stove wasn’t working right. The flame was really low no matter how far we turned it up. So, we had no chicken and no way to cook what we did have. Rosalie and Lyn persevered though and after about an hour managed to cook some eggs. We had these with fresh buns and cheese and so didn’t starve to death. We also had a good supply of wine so we were fine.

Before we left I had spoken to the condo owner about hooking up the TV and WiFi. During the conversation, I learned that they had no cable and the WiFi was probably turned off. So it was a bit of a redundant conversation.

After we had finished our meagre meal, we poured some wine and tried to hook the tv up and see what was working and what was not. The WiFi seemed to be on so I checked it out and found that it worked. This was great because  It was too hot outside and we needed something to keep us in. Now, we could get Netflix. 

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