This year Christmas is a little strange for both of us. This is the first time we’ve been away from home for The Holidays. It doesn’t bother us as we’ve seen so many, one more or less won’t make a difference. Although I’m sure we will be thinking about, and calling, family and friends on the day.Christmas

We don’t see a lot of Christmas preparations here. There are some decorations in the restaurants and stores. We see the odd Christmas tree. (Some of them are really odd.) But nothing like we see at home. That is until we went to the main square this evening. The whole place was lit up and there was Christmas music playing. (Click to view the video). We even caught the end of a wedding. (Click to view the video).It sure put me in the mood for the holiday season. We walked back home through the darkened streets we were greeted by the locals with “Buenos Noches” as we passed by.Christmas

Earlier in the evening, Rosalie had asked me why I wanted to live in Melaque. I said all the obvious reasons: temperature, how inexpensive it is and how great the people are. But the stroll through the local square really nailed it for me. We feel completely safe here. I can even let Rosalie go for her Tai Chi classes three times a week without worrying about her. You’ve probably guessed by now that I’m overly protective.


Mexican Charlie Browns casa.

The temperature isn’t right though. We’re used to it being cold, but today we were sitting on the beach and it was 27 C. The place was crowded and all along the beach we could see dozens of umbrellas. We have noticed more Mexicans on the beach. I guess they are either coming to see relatives or, coming to the ocean for the holidays.

Speaking of the beach. I hear complaints from home of having to shovel snow. Well, let me tell you something. When we are in the surf on the beach cooling off we get covered in sand. The sand here is heavy duty and can be quite painful when you get it in your butt crack. See we’re suffering too so suck it up, you guys.

Also, we don’t hear a lot of Christmas music. When we do you can almost guarantee that ‘Feliz Navidad’ will crop up. I’m sitting here now and I can hear two lots of Mexican music, none of it Christmasy.

We are going to have our Christmas dinner at Esmeralda’s Restaurante across the street from us. They promise turkey with mashed potatoes, cranberries and veggies. Their food is good but they tend to serve too much so we will have to take home a doggie bag. Rosalie’s good with that as she likes turkey buns. Although, this year it will be turkey bolillos.

Gift giving is out for us this year. We won’t be giving each other gifts as we have it all and can’t think of a thing to give each other. Rosalie just muttered something about jewellery but I’m ignoring her. The same way she ignored me when I said I wanted a new 20 peso tee-shirt.

It’s going to be interesting to see how the local celebrations work out. Apparently, it gets noisy. We’ll find out soon enough as the landlord and his family are having a party in the garage below us. This doesn’t sound bad but there are large air vents to take the heat of the garage out and they run right by our bedroom. They were working down there the other day and the noise was very noticeable. We don’t mind, it’s only for one night…hopefully.

Christmas is Christmas no matter where we are and as I said, we will be thinking of all our family and friends and we wish you all “Feliz Navidad”!

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