Christmas Eve

 As a follow up to the Christmas blog we had some interesting Christmas Eve and after experiences.

We went for a walk up town on Christmas Eve and it was unusually quiet. There was hardly anyone about and the roads were empty. We didn’t even see a tuc tuc or taxi. It was just like the moment before a gunfight in the old west. Everybody seems to have disappeared indoors so as not to get involved.

We strolled up to the main highway and took a long way back as we needed the exercise. When we got home we had an hour relaxing with our books and then headed for the beach to cool off in the waves.

Talking about the beach. Rosalie loves to buy stuff from the salespeople. She doesn’t need anything, I think she feels sorry for them walking the beach in the hot sun all day Anyway, I learned a lesson. I try to get Rosalie not to buy any more stuff, which she does anyway and leaves me looking foolish. (I’m sure I heard people giggling at my humiliation) I now encourage her to buy, which she will anyway, and I get much-needed points.Christmas Eve

Later in the evening we went up to the roof and watched the fireworks. They are more like sticks of dynamite going off. We were somewhat surprised as we only heard a few parties and they weren’t that noisy. We also noticed a few lights heading out over the ocean. These are paper bags with a light of some sort under them to give them lift. We noticed them when we were here last time on New Year’s Eve. Although then there were dozens of them. We look forward to it again this year.

On Christmas morning we woke to another beautiful day. We did all our phoning and face timing which took us up to noon. We had some lunch and headed uptown to see what was going on. Nothing much it seemed. Most stores were open; everybody seemed to treat this as a regular day. Even the salespeople on the beach were at it.


I of course never buy from beach sales people. Well, this was an exception, okay?

Later, in the evening, we went across the road to Esmeralda’s Restaurante for a delicious turkey dinner and all the trimmings, including a glass of wine. As we were leaving we ran into one of the guys who had a condo for rent we had been looking at, for next year. He still hadn’t decided how much to charge. Once again we walked uptown and then went back to the duplex for a nightcap.

On Boxing Day, everything was back to normal. The guys doing the construction next door were at it, the water and gas trucks were going by. As Rosalie walked to Tai Chi in the main square she said there were people everywhere. We had survived our first Melaque Christmas.


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