Melaque Rain

We were sitting watching a movie last night when it began to rain. It was a polite rain as Rosalie likes to call it. During the night and into the morning though it became a decidedly rude rain.

When we got up it was raining on and off and then it started to pour down. Now it was an angry rain. We opened up the balcony door and enjoyed the sight and sound of it. It was hard to believe the amount of water coming from the roof. I thought for a moment that the water tank had overflowed again.Rain

We had to walk into town for essential supplies (I ran out of wine) so we waited for a break. As a precaution, we took an umbrella for one of us and a hooded coat for the other. As we were nearing the store a Mexican couple started to talk to us in good English. We found out that they were visiting from the interior and had previously lived in the USA. We chatted with them for a while and continued with our quest. Such is the friendliness of Mexico.

As we left the store it started to rain again. It was only light so we didn’t worry too much. It got heavier as we headed home but as I was carrying two boxes of wine I couldn’t hold an umbrella as well. I didn’t much care as the rain was warm and I would have gotten just as wet if it was hot and I was sweating.

It may be a bit awkward later today as we have to go and look at a duplex we may want to rent for next year. It’s about a fifteen-minute walk so we may get a little damp.

Our Spanish is progressing. I’m starting to put together whole sentences with a little help from Rosalie. I can order a cervaza five different ways now. Rosalie, on the other hand, can have whole conversations. I stand back and try to pick up as much as I can. Speaking it is one thing but understanding when someone else speaks is a whole different ballgame.

Rosalie has taught me some key-words and they have helped a lot especially as they can be used in three different ways. I sometimes find that I learn a new word and immediately forget it only to have it pop into my head a few days later. The secret, of course, is to use Spanish as often as possible. I try to order all my meals in Spanish even if the waiter speaks English. So the conversations we have are often Spanish on our side and English on theirs. I’ve had some strange meals though.

It’s starting to look like winter here. The temperature today was only 20 C. Brrrr, chilly!

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