New Construction

There is a lot of new construction going on in Melaque and some of it is close to where we are. Right next door they are building a large construction with lots of concrete posts and supports. We’ve watched construction taking place here before and they build whole hotels with one cement mixer. This one though is different, no cement mixer.

new construction

That’s a lot of concrete

We walk by the guys working on it daily and they always say Buenos Dias and give us a smile as we go by. We also frequently hear one of them doing a real load Yehaa! just to pass the time. As the evening winds down and it starts to cool, the hard work really begins. They mix the concrete by hand and scoop it into 5-gallon pails. Then one of a string of guys picks it up effortlessly and puts it on his shoulder to take it to wherever it’s needed. They do this for several hours until the sun goes construction

Our local gang of chickens seems intimidated by all this activity and stay out of the way, otherwise, they rule the place.

We hear the sound of their shovels scrapping most of the day (the guys not the chickens) as they also make a mix of cement for the brickwork.

The other day a truck drove by with a load of rocks. We have no clue what they are for but it was dumped right in the middle of the road. Within minutes the guys were clearing a path for vehicles to get by. They load the rocks onto a wheelbarrow and they just disappear construction

These guys are always laughing and joking. They also appreciate the few females that go by. I’ve mixed cement by hand many times and it is really hard work so I can empathize with these guys.nw construction

I thought that if ever I built a house down here I would import a cement mixer. I think though that the guys would just laugh and continue doing it by hand.

Yesterday we had a short but spectacular thunderstorm. It cooled the place down and it’s been very comfortable ever since. Lows about 20 C, highs about 27 C.


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