New Location

We’ve been looking for the best deal we can get for our new location for next year. What we did is wander up and down until we saw a For Rent sign. Then, if we think we might like it we call them for a viewing. 

One place we went to had a nice roof area but the rest was way too rustic. The owner wanted $1,300 US. Then he dropped it to $1,000 US. A few days later he called us and asked if we were still interested. He then dropped the price to $1,000 CDN. We still think this was way too much and we didn’t want it anyway.

The prices here vary a lot. There was a beautiful place that we viewed with two bedrooms and two and a half baths. Furnished and renovated. We signed a contract for next year for 10,000 pesos or about $675 CDN. The electricity is about 150 pesos for two months, about $10 which we have to pay. We also pay for our own gas. WiFi, and cable if they have it, are included. It even includes maid service once a week.


Our new place for next year. The one on the left.

For more pictures click this link.

It’s a bit further out from the centre of town but everything here is within walking distance anyway. We walked the neighbourhood the other night and found that there were lots of shops and restaurants nearby. Including Red Lobster.

We also saw another beautiful place that was recommended to us by Mike and Fay. It was nice but a bit small and not so private. It’s not completed yet and we don’t know what the rent would be. Mike and Pat also know the owner so we had a bit of an in.

The place we are in now is fine, close to the centre of town, really nice but a bit big for us. We would recommend it to anyone.

While down here we hooked up with Rosalie’s friend Elaine from Prince George. They lived next door to each other when Elaine was a baby. We met with her and her husband Gerry at the Red Lobster and had a nice evening. On the way home, we showed them the location we were looking at. They are also looking for somewhere new next year so it may be possible for them to move into the unit next to us. We’ll know sometime next week.

We were sitting on the balcony yesterday when a kid on a motorbike went by steering with one hand and holding a plate of oysters on the shell in the other. Ah, Mexico.

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