New Phone

So, we got a new phone and I’m sure it was coincidence, but as Rosalie was calling lyn in Canada the fridge blew up. Okay, so this needs some explaining.

We went to pick up a new phone. We selected a little retro number which gave us unlimited calling in Mexico., 230 free minutes to Canada and the US of A. and a little data. All for about $30 including the phone. So far so good. We got outside the store and tried to test it out. The screen was small and all directions were in Spanish. We were standing around looking lost and foolish when the guy in the store offered to help. He went into settings, which me, the great techy expert, should have done, and changed the setting to English.

new phone

Now I try to make a call. I called Mike and Fay who we know have a Mexican cell phone. It rings but no answer. Every time I make a call after this it wants to call mike and fay. I actually called them ten times. By now I was getting frustrated and decided to give up and go to the Telcel store later to sort it out.

A little later the new phone rings and I answer.  It’s Fay. She had heard all the calls but like us had no clue how to use their phone and answered in desperation. Not wanting to waste the call we made arrangements to meet up with them for a trip to La Manzanilla later this week.

The problem I was having was that I could make a call from my contacts list but didn’t know how to call otherwise. While all this was taking place Rosalie and I were sitting on the beach knocking back cevazas. I finally realised that all I had to do was dial without looking for an app. My, how we’ve progressed. 

Later that evening as Rosalie was on the phone to Lyn and I was watching the Leafs win yet another game, I saw a lot of flames from behind the fridge. At first, I thought it was some Christmas lights from outside. Then I saw the smoke. I heroicly rushed over and removed what was left of the plug. (the breaker had already blown so it wasn’t that big of a deal). Then we called Alejandro.

He arrived within twenty minutes and proclaimed that the cord for the fridge was dead. We already figured that as the three prong plug now only had one lonely prong.

The next morning he showed up with an “electrician” who fixed the plug and so far all is well.

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