Bits and Bobs

Here are a few bits and bobs we picked up while here.

First of all, older folks down here sure know how to party. We went to the restaurant the other night and there was a band from the Yukon playing. They were about our age and were awesome. People were up dancing and having a really great time. We don’t need to binge drink and fall over to have fun. Check this video. 

Bits and Bobs

You can get a lot of Mexicans in a pickup truck.

Bits and Bobs

Mexicans tourists come in by the hundreds. We counted about twenty of these buses in a short stretch. They rent the rooms to the Mexicans so much per head. So they cram as many as they can into a room.

They advertised a big event in Barra with music and art from noon to midnight. We showed up but nobody else did so we had a beer and went home. The bus took about 20 minutes to get there which was outrageous as it usually comes about every 10 minutes. We almost went back for more beer to get over the shock.

Bits and Bobs

Some people own iguanas but don’t want you to take a picture unless you pay for it. I didn’t but they let me take it anyway.

We ran out of water yesterday, the opposite of the crisis we had when the tank overflowed. Apparently, the float switch was acting up again. Ruben the owner showed up and fixed it so now we can take a shower and flush the toilets. He told us that they get their water from a well beneath the house. It only goes down 6 metres and this close to the beach it’s not even salty. Not that we are going to taste it to make sure.

It’s the law in Mexico that all ice cubes have to made with purified water.

Happy hour is between 2 and 8 and beer costs 30 pesos ($1.91) for two beers. We do take advantage.

Bits and Bobs

Some people are just plain silly. Jerry, Esmeralda’s hubby.

There is a herd of chickens that terrorise the local neighbourhood. They don’t seem to be interested in bothering us, although we do get a dirty look now and again. Also, the roosters like to party and sing at all hours of the night, but we mostly sleep through it.

We had a gecko trying to scare us. He liked to hide behind the bathroom door and jump out on us in the middle of the night. He’s gone now and I kind of miss him. And of course, we named him Alex.

So, that’s all our bits and bobs for now.

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