Feliz Ano

‘Feliz Ano’ is how the Mexicans great us and each other at New Years. We have been saying ‘Prospero Ano Nuevo’. Both work so we don’t feel too foolish. I knew Feliz Ano was correct when I heard the kids saying it.

Denny and Margo arrived from Canada two days ago so we reserved a table at Jack’s Place restaurante in anticipation. We were also joined by Gerry who may be our neighbour at the duplex next year.

Jack’s is owned by – of course – Jack a Canadian from Toronto who lost both arms in an industrial accident. I like him because he’s a Leafs fan and has a few jerseys displayed. It’s a popular place. We were there the other night and listened to the same band. We also danced a bit.Felize Ano

Around 11 pm we went to the beach to light our ‘Globos’. These are balloon shaped bags made from tissue paper. They stand about three feet tall and have a wire frame around the bottom. The idea is to get them to fly by lighting a block of paraffin wax attached to the wire part. The heat then fills the bag and they rise gracefully into the air. That’s the theory anyway.Felize Ano

We managed to launch three out of six. Two crashed and burned on the beach and one was torn too much to fly. We wouldn’t have gotten the three off if it hadn’t been for a Mexican guy who saw the trouble we were having and helped us out. Next year we will buy better Globos, as apparently, the ones we had were old.Felize Ano

All of us returned to our place and got some drinks. Then, we climbed up to the roof patio to await the New Year. It came in with a bang, literally! We had set our watches but needn’t have bothered. As soon a midnight came around, the intensity of the fireworks increased and it sounded like WWIII. The Mexicans love to make a lot of noise.

We stood there and enjoyed the show. As well as the fireworks there were hundreds of Globos drifting out over the ocean. All in all, it was a good show and a great way to celebrate the new year.

Arrangements were made to meet Denny and Margo at Cowpachino in a few days, then, the guests went home and we went to bed. The Mexicans didn’t, a group of them were still at it at six o’clock this morning. 

Feliz Ano.

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