Puerto Vallarta

On our way home, we had to fly from Puerto Vallarta so we spent a few days with Al and Cathy. Last time we were there we weren’t too impressed as it’s a big city and we prefer a smaller place. After this visit, we changed our minds as we enjoyed it a lot more this time around. 

We left Melaque on Friday morning after dropping off the keys to the house. Again a Mexican experience. I was supposed to drop them at the landlord’s house or, failing that, give them to the guy in the ice cream store next door. There was no one home at the house and the ice cream store was closed. So, I took off back to the place we had stayed in, unlocked the door and left the keys inside. Luckily it wasn’t too hot as I had to hustle. I needn’t have bothered hurrying as the bus left a half hour late anyway.

The trip to Puerto Vallarta was uneventful and we arrived in one piece. Rosalie’s cousin Jeannine was also in PV so we visited her the next day. We walked along the Malecon until we found a nice little restaurant on the beach. After lunch and a few beers and margaritas, we walked slowly back. 

About halfway back we encountered The Zoo, a pub with an animal theme. So we stopped for another beer and was entertained by our young waiter on the dancing pole. Also, Rosalie and Jeannine both got a kiss from a gorilla. Lucky them!Puerto Vallarta

The following day, Al and Cathy took us back downtown to see more of the Malacon as well as the old city. We walked through a market and up to Gringo Gulch. This is where the Gringos built their houses back in the day. We also saw where Liz Taylor and Richard Burton used to live. Unfortunately, the house is no longer there as they tore it down and built a restaurant in its place. Again we had lunch on the beach and then caught a bus home.Puerto Vallarta

Puerto Vallarta

Rosalie and Cathy having way too much fun.

As it was our last evening, we walked to the local marina and found a nice restaurant for dinner. Rosalie and I shared a Mexican plate that had a bit of everything on it. 

We reluctantly left for the airport the following day and arrived home at 11:45 PM where Lyn was waiting to drive us home.


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  • Michelle

    Welcome home – welcome to this awful rainy, windy day., I’m sure you wish you were back in Mexico by now……but, happy you’re here nice and safe. Hugs

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