Tianguis is the local market where Rosalie spends most of our money. It stretches several blocks along the main street between Melaque and Obregon. The stalls line the road and the whole thing is shaded by tarps stretched side to side. As it crosses several streets you have to watch for vehicles going by. Even the local chicken bus goes that way.Tianguis

You can buy almost anything there. From tee shirts and dresses to parts for the gas stove. I bought a whole bunch of the latest movies, four for a hundred pesos. They are professionally packaged and wrapped, well sort of, but there are no titles on the discs themselves. Pirated or not? I don’t know.

Rosalie goes to Tianguis every week and talks to the local vendors while I stay at home. She prefers it that way because she can take her time and spend without me telling her she’s spending too much. She likes the colourful light cotton dresses and is getting quite the collection. I bought a couple of muscle shirt last week, they are light airy and comfortable. Now, if only I had a muscle or two to display I would even look good.


Fresh fruit and veggies.

She also likes the Tianguis food, fresh bread, fresh vegetables, bran muffins and of course the tacos with a bottle of Estrella. She also gets fresh blueberries and raspberries which she likes to have for breakfast.


The Taqueria. Two tacos and a beer each. 80 pesos ($5.18) for both.

On another subject.

Our landlord Ruben came back from California today. He was disappointed that we won’t be back in his place next year. We told him that we would recommend it to anyone we know who will be looking for a place. I think he would need to drop the price a bit though.

He brought the toaster we were missing as well as several water filters that we couldn’t buy here. He also bought a new wireless doorbell that we had asked for. He’s a really nice guy and speaks English well. We would like to stay but the place we are going to is a lot less expensive and a bit more modern.


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