Tito’s Bar

Tito’s bar is in the west end of town. We were invited out again by Bill and Connie. I’m beginning to like these people, they get us into all sort of fun places. We had been to Tito’s bar before but not in the evening. 

We arrived at about 2:30 in anticipation of the band starting at 4:00. But of course, this is Mexico and the band arrived at 4:00 and started to set up. We found out that they had been playing a benefit gig for a Mexican family who had lost their home in a fire last week so all was forgiven. Tito's Bar

The leader of the band was Rod Snow, some sort of relative of Hank Snow although we don’t know the exact connection. The music was great and we had a nice evening.

However, this was happy hour, so when you ordered one drink you ended up with two. Also, happy hour lasted for about four hours so we took full advantage.Tito's Bar

There is a strict protocol when you are holding a table. If there is one spare chair anyone can claim it and bring all their friends along to enjoy your company. This is how you meet so many new people. Tonight we met a Leafs fan from Nanaimo, a couple from Sechelt and another couple from Parksville. I also recognised a realtor I used to know in Nanaimo whom I didn’t want to get reacquainted with, so I ignored him.

When we were here three years ago we met a woman from England who was on her first visit here to meet her son’s in-laws who were Mexican. Tonight we met the son in Tito’s Bar along with his cute little daughter. Melaque is a small place.Tito's Bar

The other aspect of partying in a place like this is that you also get the touristy stuff. While listening to the band play old-time country music, we watched the sun go down. On the beach was a guy casting his rod trying to catch some fish. Then a fishing boat gracefully pulled off into the sunset to look for our luch for tomorrow. The change of light as the sun goes down is Rosalie’s favourite part.Tito's Bar

All in all, it was a profitable evening (No, we didn’t leave without paying the bill) we made a bunch of new friends that we will surely meet next year and had a great meal with entertainment.

Just to cap off a great evening we came across some horsemen out for the evening.Tito's Bar

When we got home, Rosalie, remembering the polo match, said that she wanted to get involved. I told her the only Polo she would get is the mint with the hole. The stitches come out next week.

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