Tomorrow we have to go home. (Sob!) We’ve had such a great time down here we don’t want to leave. 

It will be different next year when we come for six months. We’ll be residents, not tourists. The obvious thing to think is that we are having a good time now because we are on holiday, but when we live here day to day living will ho-hum..?! I don’t think so, there is nothing ho-hum about this place. 

There is so much that we don’t know about this wonderful place and we want to know it all. Both of us are determined to improve our Spanish skills which we think is important if we want to live here. Also, there are a lot of places we want to visit, like Colima and Guadalajara. Since watching “The Shawshank Redemption” Rosalie has wanted to go to Zihuatanejo so we may visit there too.

We eat out a lot right now but next year we will mostly be cooking our own food as that’s more practical. I’ll cook a lot more if we get a small BBQ, Rosalie can do the dishes.

We may need some form of transportation (or not). We thought about a motor scooter but I think a dune buggy may be more fun. Anyway, the transportation here is so cheap we don’t really need our own. Also, the exercise is good for us.

We finally managed to set up a bank account. It took nearly two weeks but we finally succeeded. They needed an electricity bill to prove that our address was ligit. This took more than a few days as we had to get it from the realtor, because, well, this Mexico. I now have a new debit card in my new wallet and we get 2.85% interest on our money.

They also offered us their investment program. If we invest $100,000 pesos, about $6500 they will give us 6.5% for one year or 7% for 1 1/2 years. Not bad, especially as we found out that they pay that up front after local taxes. Of course the money would be locked in.

When we get home we have all the practical things to think about. Like, moving out of the condo so that we can rent it out. Do we sell stuff or store it? What will our mailing address be? You know, stuff like that. I also have a lot to do out at the trailer. Finishing the sunroom will be the biggest job. But that’s mostly stuff I can do in the summer when I get bored.

We’re considering driving down next year so that we can take more stuff that we probably won’t use. It will cost a bit more than flying.  There is also the safety aspect, although we have spoken to lots of people and they haven’t had any problems. 

Anyway, whatever we decide will be okay. We just plan to enjoy our last few days here.

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