Bits and Bob’s

We’ve been back from Mexico a month or more now and I haven’t written a blog. So here are some bits and bob’s to try to catch up.

We arrived back to fairly nice weather and didn’t feel the cold too much. Sorting out our things for either storage or the campground is bit of an onerous job but has to be done so we got heavily into that. We had a couple of nice trips to the trailer and reacquainted ourselves with Alan. 

I put a lot of stuff for sale on Kijiji so have been battling with people over prices. If they buy it without haggling you start to think you should have asked for more. Or if they make a really low offer you think it’s over priced. Then there is the stuff that you don’t get any sort of response too. The Sally Anne has also taken a lot of stuff from us. Some of it we bought from them.

This last week hasn’t been so good. Rosalie’s younger brother Norris who has been battling cancer for six years finally left us last week. We spent some time in Prince George for the celebration of life and got back on Wednesday. Also we found out that my son-in-law is seriously ill. Then we heard that a good friend of ours in Ontario has to have bypass surgery next week. So, as I said, not a good week. 

When we got back from Mexico we decided it was too late in the year to put the snow tires on. I had  left the car at long term parking at Nanaimo airport when we went to Prince George so was a bit concerned when it dropped 8″ of snow while we were gone. All was well though as the roads were clear when we got back.

I go in for surgery on Monday to get my right hand fixed. I’m happy about that. The sooner the better. It’s getting to be a nuisance. Anyway it will all be over before the move and I won’t have to sit back with a smile on my face watching Rosalie doing all the heavy lifting. It is my right hand so it will be a bit of a chore doing some things. Rosalie will have to cut up my food for me for instance. I hope she plays airplanes with me like I did for her when she had neck problems. It’s my little finger that’s most affected and I will be happy to have it straightened out again so I no longer poke myself in the eye every time I try to scratch my ear.

bits and bob's

Me, waiting for the boys to get home.

It’s been lonely at the pub on Thursday afternoons as half of our gang are still in Arizona. John and I just sit there looking at each and sigh. Two more weeks and Peter is back. He may not want to come back though, what with the weather and the fact that he and Bill have been spending their pub days at Twin Peaks. Bill’s due back at the end of March. “Come home guys, we miss you”.

Bits and bob's

Now we see why Bill won’t come home.


2 comments to Bits and Bob’s

  • Ann Nielsen

    so sorry to read about your brother, Rosalia. My sincere condolences. Good luck with your upcoming surgery, Chris. Soon you’ll be poking your little finger in everybody’s business, ha, ha. Sure would like to visit you guys when you get back down south next year. will try to work on that!

  • Michelle

    Sorry to hear about your bad week with your son in law’s health and friend in Ontario, sometimes it feels like there’s a little black cloud following you around. Good luck with your hand surgery., if you need a hand with anything let us know………..hugs

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