My recovery began with “Mr. Wells, are you awake” It occurred to me that these people whom I had never seen before, knew my name but the last bunch, who had all the paperwork, didn’t. While I was waiting for surgery I thought about changing things up and saying my name was Colin. I didn’t though, it would just be my luck that Colin would be in for testicular removal. 

I blearily opened first one eye and then the other and I was back! Once again I begged for a coffee but was once again denied. I had to stay in the recovery room for a while (I think they wanted to keep me) before being wheeled to the discharge area.

I checked my right hand to see that they hadn’t amputated it by mistake and found a huge bundle of bandages. It looked way worse than last time and I thought this one might be worth a bit more sympathy.

Finally, I was wheeled into the discharge area and had my coffee as I waited for my ride. Everybody called me Mr. Wells so I guess word had gotten around finally. I hoped I hadn’t ticked Rosalie off lately or else I would be staggering home alone.

While I was waiting I was given a bunch of paperwork and a lot of verbal information which went in one ear and out the other. I was on drugs dude! 

My angel of mercy eventually showed up and started to help me get dressed. She had this sort of gleam in her eye and I got a little worried. I do remember that she tucked me into my jeans with a giggle. It occurred to me that she was taking advantage of my drugged state but I couldn’t be sure.

We got home fine and Rosalie tucked me in. It was 1 pm by this time and I hadn’t eaten since before midnight. Rosalie cooked me up a hearty lunch of one boiled egg, a slice of toast and a coffee and I was ready to face the world again.

I couldn’t take any meds before 3 pm so I sat in agony for two hours (not true. He was still high from the hospital meds: Rosalie). 

When I left the hospital I was told that I might feel a little nauseous for a while but I felt great. 3 pm came around and I took the first of my pills. T3s for pain and antibiotics for nasty little germses. I still felt good until dinner time. Rosalie cooked me a delicious meal and I was really enjoying her cooking for a change when the nausea hit.

We checked labels on the meds and both appeared to have nausea side effects. Great! Thinking it would wear off I waited but it seemed to get worse. Rosalie, having had enough of my whining and crying, called the pharmacy. They said I could take it with Gravol. Of course, we had none in the house so Rosalie hustled off to get some.

My next pill was due at 11 pm so I waited until 10:30 to take the Gravol. In about 30 minutes I was feeling fine. 

I decided to sleep downstairs in my grandad chair for the night so Rosalie went to get my PJs. She returned with that gleam in her eye again and I knew what was coming. I think she pulled my jeans off with unseemly haste. Her hands were warm though.

I took my pill at 11 pm and another with Gravol at 3 am. It’s now 12 hours later and I haven’t had any pain meds since.

While Rosalie was out having fun with her gang today I thought I would try a shower by myself. I found out that I can undress myself so Rosalie will be disappointed. Me too to tell the truth. Although I found that I still can’t shower myself properly. It’s impossible to wipe your left arm with your left hand. I don’t want to know about wiping other stuff.

Getting dressed is a bit of a challenge. For a start, the bandage is bulky and won’t fit in all my sleaves. Buttoning up my pants is a two person job, mostly my fault as I need to lose a bit of weight.

I have to go to the hand clinic on Monday. I have to wear the bandages until then as they are holding a splint to keep my fingers straight.

The scariest part of the whole thing is no alcohol until the antibiotics are finished, also, Rosalie has to do all the driving.

I make fun of my lovely lady in these blogs, but she knows it’s in fun and that I love her to bits. Oho! here she comes with my jeans.


3 comments to Recovery.

  • Ann Nielsen

    Glad it went well but sure seems like a lot for just a finger. Well, now you can point properly, I think.

  • Judy

    LOL. She must love you. Although I bet she’s waiting for all the whinging to stop. It’s only a Finger , man! Can you imagine if you did have a testicular rearrangement? If you ever need one, tell Rosalie I have a spare room for a day or two. On the other hand, helping with your jeans would be one way to control the racket πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  • Michelle

    Happy to hear your surgery went well – it will just take time to heal completely so meanwhile enjoy the help with dressing/washing from your lovely wife….β™₯

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