We are fast approaching the time when we will move to the trailer. Among the many chores, we have to face is the serious issue of getting hockey games. My team “The Leafs” are in the playoffs and we don’t have cable or enough WiFi at the campground. We do though, have signals coming through the air!!!

After consultations with my antenna expert, Peter, I ordered an antenna from Amazon. It arrived a few days later and I managed to put it together with one hand. It was duly inspected by both Peter and Gordie, who was visiting at the time, and they told me that it might do the job.

We had planned to go clam hunting near the trailer on Saturday so this was a good opportunity to try the antenna. Peter had brought a length of the aluminum pole to mount it on so we were ready to go. 

We hooked up the TV and all the other bits and bobs we needed and turned it on. It must be remembered that the pole was sitting on the ground with Peter holding it. It was also facing a bunch of trees. I wasn’t expecting much. I did an auto scan and we picked up 9 channels! By this time Peter had gotten tired and leaned the antenna against a tree. We did another scan and still got three channels. CBC, which I was looking for, was the best.

The signal was crystal clear HD. I can’t wait to put it up on the roof 30 feet from the ground. I’m expecting to pick up BBC and Radio Moscow.

We had some lunch and drove to the beach to carry out our main task. Clams! Rosalie and I were experts at this as we had been once before. I, of course, put myself in charge as I love bossing people around. I had to remember though that they were all carrying spades and I only had one hand. The rain on this outing wasn’t very heavy but every little bit helps.

Peter had his famous clam whistle and I carried a net and a clam spear for any trying to get away. We found a likely site and started to dig. Soon we had enough for a meal. I managed to dig a little bit but my hand got sore so I went in search of the elusive oyster. Only three were silly enough to give themselves up, so no big meal there.

We noticed that Suzie was having a great time. She loved digging for free clams but when we got home she told us that she didn’t like eating them. Next time we will send her out by herself while we sit and watch with a glass of wine.

We went back to the condo where Rosalie cooked up a really tasty clam fettuccini. I was a bit concerned that we may end up with numb lips but all was fine. 



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