Our new address

Good old Revenue Canada. If anyone can make life difficult it’s these guys!

As we are moving we have to make an address change. We rented a postal box as we can’t get mail delivered to the trailer. Rosalie contacted all the relevant people: banks, drivers licenses, insurance co. etc. Then we came to the CRA.

Rosalie went online to do this simple task and quickly became frustrated. She entered all the relevant information: social insurance number, birthdate, line 114 of her last tax return, username and password. Only to be frustrated. They instructed her to go to “change my address.” The problem was that there was no such link. I stepped in at this point as listening to her bang her head on the table was starting to annoy me.

“This will be easy to fix” I naively proclaimed as I  logged into my own account. I entered my SIN, date of birth, line 114 of my previous return, youngest daughters middle name (I’m serious!) and pressed enter. A message popped up asking for my security number sent to me in 2016 ????? “Okay,” said I to myself, “stay calm, this is Canada and things will work out just fine.”

Rosalie got her number but neither of us remembers getting mine. The website said to call CRA to get a new one. 10 minutes of searching later I managed to find a number that may or may not work. I dialed and prayed!

A whole bunch of time was taken up advising me to go back and make changes online. I waited it out and eventually, the system gave in and presented me with a phone menu. None of the menu options mentioned security numbers but one mentioned address changes so I eagerly selected that one only to be advised as to how to change it online. 

I hung up with tears of frustration in my eyes and pushed Rosalie to one side as it was my turn to bang my head on the table. 

It’s not as though they send us anything exciting like a nice big cheque or a little form to fill out for a change of address. No! All we get are demands and threats. Perhaps we shouldn’t bother after all and just reply to those internet CRA threats. At least they seem to know where we live.

The saddest part about all this is, that it took us three years to get our address changed last time, when we moved here.

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