I’m now a lefty…for a while. Now the first week of my hand recovery is over it was time to go to the hand clinic. This was something I was both dreading and looking forward to. Dreading because I knew it would be uncomfortable but also wanting to be done with the bandaging.

I had to take Rosalie as there were forms to fill out and I couldn’t do it. We sat in the waiting room and in a short time my name was called. We looked up to see two cute young therapists waiting for me. Rosalie must have seen them too because she followed us into the treatment room.

The younger of the two, Miranda, told me she was a student doing her practicum. Great! I was about to be tortured by a student. How wrong I was. 

Under the supervision of Sue, the senior of the two, she very gently removed all the old dressings. This process took about 30 minutes as the dressing was stuck to the wound. She was very patient and gentle and eventually my hand and the dressing parted company. Miranda hurt me only once during the whole process and that was minor.

I had to wash my hand to get the old blood off and then went back to the torture chamber treatment room.

These young women are not just therapists but engineers as well. There’s a workshop that includes an anvil and a whole bunch of other tools. 

They redressed my hand and laid it on a sheet of paper, drew an outline and toddled off to make a splint from 1/8th-inch perforated plastic. They cut it to size and then heated it in a water bath. When it was nice and soft they carefully molded it to my hand. They added velcro straps and I was good to go.

Rosalie wanted to know why they had to hold my hand so much. I have to be nice to her from here on as she has to redress my hand every couple of days. I also have to exercise it 5 times a day and I’m sure she will be watching.LeftyLefty

Now that the worst of the surgery and recovery are over, I’m trying to adapt to temporarily being a lefty. The most difficult part is that I can’t use my thumb to help.

Mundane things like putting toothpaste on a brush need a bit of practice and ingenuity. That’s after I figure out how to get the cap off the tube at night without waking Rosalie. Try washing your left armpit with your left hand, not easy is it? Rosalie offered to jump in the shower to help but I can’t quite trust her anymore.

Fortunately, wine glasses can be used in either hand.

3 comments to Lefty

  • Michelle

    I just did, tried to wash my left armpit with my left hand……..well, not literally but for sure not easy., good thing about the wine glass, that would not be a good thing. Happy Healing !! ♥

  • Judy

    LOL. I told Rosalie to put a roll of duct tape where you could see it. A reminder of what happens if any whining gets out of control.

  • Ann Nielsen

    Get a long handled brush to help. Also an electric toothbrush. And lots of vino for sure,

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