The new, new TV

A year and a half ago our old TV, which we had had for ten years, was starting to give up the ghost so we needed a new one. We got one from Best Buy and did a deal for a floor model that included a two-year service warranty. As it turned out, it was a good thing we did.

About six months ago, I turned it on but there were no channels. I rebooted it (unplugged and replugged it) and it worked fine again. It was great for a while then after rebooting several more times, I called the Geek Squad.

They promised to be out in a few days and sure enough, a young man showed up with his trusty drill and a bag of bits. He whipped off the back of the TV, yanked out a module, shoved a new one in and put the whole thing back together again. He explained that they had some problems with this particular module and it should be fine now.

It was fine for quite a while, but when we got back from Mexico the problem started again. I called the Geek Squad once more and they promised to get back to me in a few days. They called and said they would call again the following week to set up an appointment.

While we were waiting we had to be in Prince George for Rosalie’s brother’s remembrance service. After the service was over and the noise in the hall was at its height we got a recorded call from the Geek Squad but couldn’t hear it very well. Rosalie heard them say something about bringing the TV to the store. I, of course, got mad. If they came to the house last time then they could do it again.

When we got home I called them back to see what it was all about. I had my story all ready. I’m a little old senior who can’t be expected to lift that great big heavy TV into our little car and they should come to the house to service it. It didn’t quite work out that way though.

What they had said in the original message was that we were to return it in exchange for a new TV. This little old senior had the old TV in the back of the car and off to the store in minutes.

When we got there they told us that we could have a new one: equal to, or better than, our old one. We picked a better one out and returned to the service counter. There, we learned that the newer and better one was $340 cheaper, so we also got a nice rebate. And best of all I can save my little old senior excuse for another day.

Great service from Best Buy.

We celebrated by binge-watching: ‘The Windsors’ and ‘Norsemen’ on Netflix.

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