We’re here

We’ve been a month  here at our new address, it’s been quite the journey.
It seemed easy in the beginning: Pack some stuff, take it to where ever we were going to store it and move out. Simple! …Well not quite!
When we found out that the condo had been rented we had three weeks to move out; lots of time!
We went to Budget rentals and rented a 10’ by10’ heated storage locker. The following day we had arranged for Bill (no not that Bill) to help with the heavy furniture. Bill is a younger and fitter than we are, and also owns a pickup truck so he was the ideal person to help.
The day he came to help, he hesitantly asked if we could store some of our furniture at his new house as he had none. We thought this a great idea and readily agreed. But did we now have a larger storage unit than we needed?

We started to sort things out and realized that we had five locations to deal with: Bill’s house, storage, the trailer, Sally Ann or the dump. We gave so much to the Sally Anne I was afraid they may have needed a bigger location.
Over the three weeks we managed to get things arranged and stowed away. We used our beater truck for some of it but mostly used the car. The storage locker was packed to the door and that was without the bulk of our furniture. The problem was, we thought we had tons of room so didn’t take too much care with stacking it. We plan to solve this problem by building some shelves during the summer and re-arranging everything.
The day of the move we only had a few thing to move but they were large and heavy. Because we had rented with Budget we got to use one of their trucks for Free for four hours. And, it only cost us $160 (gas, additional mileage, insurance.) We managed to get it back to them with ten minutes to spare. This was due to Peter’s help or we would have gone over time.
The following day we took the car to pick up the few things that we had left for cleaning as well as the big screen TV that I had forgotten the day before. When we got back a saw how much we had to somehow absorb into our limited living space I thought we had an impossible situation on our hands. I had visions of renting another storage locker.

The problem was resolved over the next week.
Our first night sleeping at the trailer was cold and blustery so we put the heater on in the sun room and settled in to see what happened next. We had downloaded some Downton Abbey episodes so we snuggled up in our comfy arm chairs, grabbed a glass of wine and settled in to watch.
A few minutes in I started to laugh as the absurdity of the situation hit me. What were two seniors doing moving into a trailer at our time of life? What we were doing was following our dream of living in Mexico for prolonged periods in the winter, and we were more than happy with that. And besides that, Alan was happy to see us back.

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