Day four, the bus tour.

Day four and the bus tour begins. This is Rosalie’s take on the day.

“I was sitting right up front on the bus this morning, with a great view of the coming trip from Lisbon to Fatima, as the tour members took their seats.

Along came a woman who says she gets car sick if […]

Driving Skills

On our trip to Arizona, I did all the driving. Rosalie offered to drive several times just to keep her driving skills up, but not wanting to give up control of the vehicle as well as wanting to get there safely, I declined.

When we got back, Rosalie pointed out that she needed to drive […]

Going home at last

Yea! We’re going home. We left the hotel at 10 am and caught a taxi back to the airport. I knew the rolly polly man had ripped us off as we had a much better cab for €44 and he had charged €55 coming in. Ah well, the life of a tourist. We got to […]

Athens, our last day.

Our second day in Athens and because we still had a bus pass we decided to go and visit as many sites as we could. What we didn’t realise, was, that seeing the Acropolis would take so long. It is one of the places I needed to see and I wasn’t disappointed. Rosalie wasn’t too keen […]

Glorious down time.

Rosalie’s look at downtime

We still need some down time, even though basically, all we’ve been doing here on Crete is Resting. We get up anywhere from 9:15 to 10:15, in order to go pick up P & S from their hotel. Chris has been riding in the back of the pick-up everywhere we go […]

Crete to Athens.

We leave Crete

Off to the airport today for our trip from Crete to Athens. We found out that we could get four people into the back of Malc’s truck after all. They had been torturing me all week for nothing.

The Aegean Sea as we fly back to Athens.

We arrived with plenty […]

Trip to Chania

Our trip to Chania pronounced Hanyah.

We got up early to a miserable rainy day. It started to clear before we left so we drove into town to catch the bus for our trip to Chania. The weather is weird, twice now it has rained really hard and then a few hours later we get clean […]

Day off, so, to the Taverna.

A rare day off

Seeing as we weren’t going to Chania and instead of taking a day off, Malc laid on a spectacular thunderstorm for us. He said he wanted us to experience Crete in all weathers. one thing we learned, if the weather is bad here it doesn’t last very long. We started late and […]

The oldest olive tree.

We visit an olive tree

We decided to do something different today, actually, we decided to do something. As I am now the designated tree surgeon, Malc wanted us to see the world’s oldest olive tree so after a twenty-minute drive, we arrived at the lovely little location where the tree resides. It’s over three thousand years old […]

Tree surgeon.

I become a tree surgeon

I didn’t know it , but today I was to become a tree surgeon We rose late again, boy what a luxury. Malc and Viv went and got Peter and Suzie and we sat around the pool chatting for a while. We decided to go into town to yet another […]

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