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Day seventeen, Home

Day seventeen and she’s finally home. 

I caught the 8:30 ferry and had a nice lunch with my daughter Lisa in Abbotsford. Afterwards, having dawdled away some time visiting some old haunts in Langley I made a b-line for the airport. I had about an hour wait so I grabbed a Timmy’s and settled in.

Finally, the […]

Day fifteen Lisbon

Day fifteen, I think! Rosalie has arrived back in Lisbon. Unfortunately, she has picked up a bug and isn’t feeling too good. It didn’t seem to stop her from having a few glasses of wine with her sisters before bed though. She also hooked up with a good pharmacist who is taking care of her.

“It […]

Day thirteen, Santiago

El Camino is over and it’s day thirteen of Rosalie’s trip. As she is doing some resting up today there isn’t much to report. So, She sent me some photos of her last day walking and I will try to entertain with those.

“Marina, Gouzine & I taking this bus for 7 hilly km, on the […]

Day twelve El Camino

Day twelve, last day of the El Camino.

I got a lot of texts from Rosalie, as usual, this morning and then nothing. By this time she is usually at the hotel. I waited and waited but nothing. Eventually, I got a belated email saying that she had completed El Camino (yipeeee! I knew she could […]

Day eleven El Camino

Day eleven El Camino. it sounds as though Rosalie had a bit of a down day to start but as the day wore on she got out of it. She was in good spirits when I spoke to her.

“Here’s today’s pilgrim fashion statement!”

“On the road again, very pleasant woodland walk […]

Day ten El Camino

Day ten and the going gets a little harder. 

“So today, at beginning of day, we are not walking, as the wildfires are causing some concern because we would be walking in the forested area. So we will put our luggage & poles on the bus, walk around town till 11:00 am, then the bus […]

Day nine El Camino

Day nine of El Camino. Halfway through the trip and halfway through El Camino. Rosalie seems to be doing well but I’m a bit worried about her knees. Apparently, she’s okay on the flat and going uphill but finds it hard going down.

“If I was going for Pilgrim Fashionista, I think I failed!”


Day eight El Camino

Rosalie likes to wake me early, so, on day eight she dinged my phone at 7 am.

I got a message saying that compared to yesterday, today was a doddle. Only 14 km. After the first 8 km there was a

My little hiker

250-metre climb. They all seem to have a few physical problems: […]

Day seven El Camino

Near disaster on Day seven of El Camino!

I got an email from Rosalie this morning and she sounded a bit desperate. She couldn’t call me on Skype so we

The first El Camino marker post.

texted on Facebook messenger. They were told that the first day’s walk was 15 km but it turned […]

Day Six, Oporto

It’s now day six and Rosalie is drinking it up at Sandeman’s in Oporto. She better stay a tad sober as she starts the walk tomorrow. I’m not sure if some of her reports are out of order as they come to me at odd times. Because of the Wi-Fi being erratic. I told her to […]

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