The New Nest

Seeing as we now have a new Egg, Rosalie suggested that I build a new nest for it. Sort of an outdoor kitchen but without the sink, side burner or anything else that resembles a kitchen. More like a couple of tables really.

I got on the computer and pulled up my trusty drawing program. […]

Keeper of the flame.

So today I’m the keeper of the flame. We knew that when we got to the lake, our brother-in-law Gordon would want to see The Big Green Egg at work since he is an excellent cook. I said “No!” as I didn’t want to unload the car. A few glasses of wine later we had […]

Making Pasta

After going to Europe, I am now going through my Italian phase and want to eat more of a Mediterranean style diet. I once tried to make pasta by hand, and although it was good, it took a long time to make. Fearing starvation at my next attempt, we decided to buy a pasta maker; something […]

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