Social Mayhem

Social Media, or Social Mayhem, as I like to call it, is here to stay, so I thought I’d better get on board. I have a Facebook account but it kind of ends there. I only use it to post my blogs and to view all the cutesy animal pictures. Having very little knowledge how to […]

Up on the Roof

We are fortunate that we have a roof patio that we can use. We access the roof by a spiral staircase  We sat up there a few night ago under a beautiful full moon. The landlord bought some new loungers for us to relax on so that’s what we did. We were reading our books, sipping […]

A Typical Day.

What do we do when we are down here? What is a typical day like? Boy, you guys are nosey.

Okay, here it is.

We usually get up fairly early, about 7 am. We tend to go to bed early as we have no cable and can only read for so long. Most of the […]

A State of Mind.

Living in Melaque is all a state of mind. You either love it or hate it. It’s all about attitude. If you expect things to be near perfect, just like home, then it’s not for you.

We moved to our new location and a few things were not quite right. We had no WiFi to […]

Cocodrilo Wrestling

We took a trip to La Manzanilla as we wanted to see the cocodrilo sanctuary again and try to give Lyn a scare. We had been putting it off as last time we went the taxi cost about $50. After speaking to a couple of the old timers we learned that now it was only […]

Laguna del Tule

Well, it hasn’t been the best visit to Mexico so far. We are staying at the Laguna del Tule as we have done many times before. It used to be a fairly quiet place to stay. Now though, it seems to have turned into a party place. Or perhaps it’s the time of year.

The […]

Language and Food

Mia Esposa, namely Rosalie, has been learning Spanish for quite a while. It’s a romantic language similar to French so she caught on to the basics fairly easily. I have been amazed at her progress. She gets into whole conversations with people. There hasn’t been a single incident with language that she hasn’t sorted out for us. I […]

Melaque Transportation.

Getting around Melaque is quite easy although the modes of transportation are a bit different. Also, the majority of the roads are unpaved and pretty rough.

The easiest way to travel of course is on foot. Provided you stay on the shady side of the street and don’t step in any doggie-doo.

We often see […]

Standby Melaque

Standby Melaque here we come.

For various reasons after four days in Puerto Vallarta, we decided to start out for Melaque early.

We packed our bags and Rosalie ordered a taxi to the bus depot. It was a bit further than the airport and still only cost eighty pesos. We booked our tickets for the […]

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