Bits and Bob’s

We’ve been back from Mexico a month or more now and I haven’t written a blog. So here are some bits and bob’s to try to catch up.

We arrived back to fairly nice weather and didn’t feel the cold too much. Sorting out our things for either storage or the campground is bit of […]


After saying that I don’t like groups, I joined one! Wanting to find more to occupy myself through the winter I Joined the Parksville Archery club. Taking up archery is something I have always wanted to do. I did live in Nottingham for a few years so it must be in my blood.

Robin Hood […]

Snow, and lots of it

Snow and lots of it. Tis the season that everybody loves to Complain about. Especially this year. Lots of snow.

I don’t know what people are complaining about; this is Canada after all. We are the Land of freezing temperatures, deep snow, red runny noses and frostbite. I for one, love it. However, I don’t […]

Traffic Calming

Last night we were having a discussion about driving, particularly about speeding through residential areas. I happened to mention some of the innovations used in England for ‘traffic calming’ and thought it might make a good blog. We watched some very entertaining video. A link will appear later.

A one lane chicane

While we […]

Up and running.

It would appear that I am up and running again. After the fun week I’ve had with disappearing and broken plug-ins, I need a rest. It took three calls to ‘Go Daddy’ and one request to ‘Jetpack’ and I still ended up solving the problem myself. (I think!…… I hope!) Problem-solving computers can be the most frustrating […]

Computers, don’t you love ’em?

I love computers!!! I’ve been writing this blog for over a year now and apart from a few hiccups in the beginning, things have gone reasonably smoothly. Apart from my spelling, grammar, punctuation and a funny accent.  

I first noticed problems when nobody was getting the blog. I actually had complaints! On further investigation, I found that one […]


“Buy investments, ” they said. “You’ll make some money,” they said.

We had some investments in mutual funds but they weren’t doing too well so we decided to get a little braver and buy some stocks instead. This isn’t for everyone as they can be more volatile and if like us, you like to check them every […]

Excitement for seniors.

I wake up in the morning full of excitement and wondering whether to get out of bed or not. It’s not really a choice because I gotta pee. When we were younger, we could have slept until 11 am but had to get up for work. Now that we don’t have to go to work but […]

Blog dog days

I don’t like soap operas, but the one happening south of the border right now is somewhat entertaining and will alleviate the dog days of autumn. The good thing is, that hopefully, it will be over soon (or not), and life with our crazy neighbour will return to normal. I was going to write a […]

LED technology.

They just changed all the street lighting in our condo complex to LED technology. As one who lived in an era of gas light and candles, I find this fascinating. We are beginning to see them everywhere: cars, street lights, Christmas lights, flashing lights even on the kids running shoes. One of the houses we […]

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