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The New Nest

Seeing as we now have a new Egg, Rosalie suggested that I build a new nest for it. Sort of an outdoor kitchen but without the sink, side burner or anything else that resembles a kitchen. More like a couple of tables really.

I got on the computer and pulled up my trusty drawing program. […]


As Rosalie is going to walk the El Camino she needed a Fitbit as a way of tracking her progress. We bought each of us a cheap one off Amazon a whIle back. They didn’t last long. When mine quit completely I decided to buy Rosalie a new one for her birthday before hers did […]

Old People Camping

This post about us old people is a bit barse ackwards. I wrote about the Big Green Egg but that came in the middle of our trip. First, we went to Fort St John to visit Rosalie’s friend and then to Fraser Lake for a family reunion. We decided to use the tent as we are […]

Keeper of the flame.

So today I’m the keeper of the flame. We knew that when we got to the lake, our brother-in-law Gordon would want to see The Big Green Egg at work since he is an excellent cook. I said “No!” as I didn’t want to unload the car. A few glasses of wine later we had […]

Hail to The Egg

I haven’t posted for a while and the first thing I’m going to share is that we bought an egg: a Big Green Egg. For those like me, who had no clue what that is, it’s a charcoal BBQ.

We were in Fort St John visiting Valerie, a friend of Rosalie’s, when I found out […]

Test run.

Having got the boat safely to the trailer, we now had to make a test run. We hadn’t owned a motor boat before so didn’t know what to expect when I launched it.

The great day came and Peter and Suzie called to say they wanted to be in on the fun. Great, Peter was […]

No boats, ever!

Since we got the RV lot we thought it would be a great idea to get a small boat. We could see ourselves drifting on the ocean drinking champagne and eating lobster we had just caught. It didn’t matter that we can’t afford champers and can’t catch lobster on this coast. We had our weird […]

The Book

There has been confusion regarding the price of my book “A Crazy Idea”. I wanted it to be $2.50 Canadian but it was published in US dollars. This has now been corrected and the new price is $1.99 US.

You can find it anywhere you download your ebooks: Kobo, Smashwords, Chapters etc. For some reason, […]


After saying that I don’t like groups, I joined one! Wanting to find more to occupy myself through the winter I Joined the Parksville Archery club. Taking up archery is something I have always wanted to do. I did live in Nottingham for a few years so it must be in my blood.

Robin Hood […]


So the great day has arrived. I finally published my books with Smashwords, yes books). They took a while because I had to create the Covers from scratch. As you will see, should you choose to buy one, I’m not too good at graphic art. I did contact someone online,

Click image to find […]

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