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Standby Melaque

Standby Melaque here we come.

For various reasons after four days in Puerto Vallarta, we decided to start out for Melaque early.

We packed our bags and Rosalie ordered a taxi to the bus depot. It was a bit further than the airport and still only cost eighty pesos. We booked our tickets for the […]

Supplies Day

Now to go get our main supplies. After hauling a 5 Litre jug of water back the previous day I insisted that this time we take a taxi no matter what the cost.

As we were about to leave I noticed that there were two 5 Gal bottles of water under the stairs. All that sweat […]

Puerto Vallarta

So we’re off to Puerto Vallarta. Peter picked us up at 4 am. We picked Lyn up shortly after and set off for the airport. When we left Nanaimo the temperature was 6C. When we arrived in Calgary it was -8C with snow on the ground. A good time for heading south.

The flight to Puerto Vallarta […]

Maid Rosalie

I now have to contend with having a ‘Maid Rosalie’ in the family. I’ve been a member of the Parksville Archery club since the spring. (See archery) I asked Rosalie if she was interested but she didn’t think she could pull the string back as her arm was still weak and sore from having her stent […]


We seem to only live in the condo for four months of the year and want to spend more time in Mexico. So, why not rent out the condo full time, live in the trailer in the summer and go to Mexico for the winter?

Yes, another one of those crazy ideas from the Wells’. This […]

The roof

That’s roof as in goof, not woof.

I was busy (as usual) working away at the trailer one Sunday morning when Rosalie reminded me that it was the day of the Spider Lake Springs A.G.M. I don’t usually miss them as they can be quite fun and there is always the chance that a fight will break […]

The skylight

The next few blogs are a bit dated as Rosalie demanded all the attention for her Camino walk.

We were having fun at the RV lot when Rosalie announced ” We need a skylight.” my response? ” oh god, now what?” She was right though, we did need more light in the trailer. Of course, […]

Day seventeen, Home

Day seventeen and she’s finally home. 

I caught the 8:30 ferry and had a nice lunch with my daughter Lisa in Abbotsford. Afterwards, having dawdled away some time visiting some old haunts in Langley I made a b-line for the airport. I had about an hour wait so I grabbed a Timmy’s and settled in.

Finally, the […]

Day eleven El Camino

Day eleven El Camino. it sounds as though Rosalie had a bit of a down day to start but as the day wore on she got out of it. She was in good spirits when I spoke to her.

“Here’s today’s pilgrim fashion statement!”

“On the road again, very pleasant woodland walk […]

Day ten El Camino

Day ten and the going gets a little harder. 

“So today, at beginning of day, we are not walking, as the wildfires are causing some concern because we would be walking in the forested area. So we will put our luggage & poles on the bus, walk around town till 11:00 am, then the bus […]

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