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I’m now a lefty…for a while. Now the first week of my hand recovery is over it was time to go to the hand clinic. This was something I was both dreading and looking forward to. Dreading because I knew it would be uncomfortable but also wanting to be done with the bandaging.

I had to […]

The new, new TV

A year and a half ago our old TV, which we had had for ten years, was starting to give up the ghost so we needed a new one. We got one from Best Buy and did a deal for a floor model that included a two-year service warranty. As it turned out, it was a […]


My recovery began with “Mr. Wells, are you awake” It occurred to me that these people whom I had never seen before, knew my name but the last bunch, who had all the paperwork, didn’t. While I was waiting for surgery I thought about changing things up and saying my name was Colin. I didn’t […]

The other hand

Having had surgery on my left hand a few years ago it was decided that I now needed to get the other hand done. My finger had become ‘L’ shaped and kept getting in the way. Also, the Doctor needed another holiday in the south of France.  

I was waiting for an appointment and sure […]

Bits and Bob’s

We’ve been back from Mexico a month or more now and I haven’t written a blog. So here are some bits and bob’s to try to catch up.

We arrived back to fairly nice weather and didn’t feel the cold too much. Sorting out our things for either storage or the campground is bit of […]

Puerto Vallarta

On our way home, we had to fly from Puerto Vallarta so we spent a few days with Al and Cathy. Last time we were there we weren’t too impressed as it’s a big city and we prefer a smaller place. After this visit, we changed our minds as we enjoyed it a lot more this […]


Tomorrow we have to go home. (Sob!) We’ve had such a great time down here we don’t want to leave. 

It will be different next year when we come for six months. We’ll be residents, not tourists. The obvious thing to think is that we are having a good time now because we are on holiday, […]

Tito’s Bar

Tito’s bar is in the west end of town. We were invited out again by Bill and Connie. I’m beginning to like these people, they get us into all sort of fun places. We had been to Tito’s bar before but not in the evening. 

We arrived at about 2:30 in anticipation of the band starting […]


We went to a polo match yesterday. One more ‘L’ and it would have been a chicken match. Some new found friends, Bill and Connie, go there regularly and invited us along. 

We thought the match started at 2:30 so we got there about 3:00. The guy on the gate wouldn’t let us in as, […]

Bits and Bobs

Here are a few bits and bobs we picked up while here.

First of all, older folks down here sure know how to party. We went to the restaurant the other night and there was a band from the Yukon playing. They were about our age and were awesome. People were up dancing and having […]

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